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Benefits of BMX Riding

Like most kids, you probably rode a BMX bike growing up. Maybe even raced a little or rode the skate park with your buddies.

The BMX bike was, for most, the go-to bike before you reached your teens and bought a "real" bike that's got gears and suspensions. Or maybe a vehicle?

At some point, you went and stuffed your beloved BMX in the garage and ignored it into oblivion. But now you're probably looking to spice up your workout regime and wondering, "does BMX build muscle?!”

BMX biking involves a lot of pulling and twisting on every muscle in your body, which qualifies it as one of the most versatile and fun workouts ever.

It offers everyone a fun way to a full-body workout. BMXing keeps your body and mental faculties engaged for hours. As a matter of fact, biking is scientifically classified as both an aerobic and anaerobic exercise, so you get the best of both worlds.

In this article, we disseminate why you should reach out to your once beloved BMX if you're looking to stay in top shape.


Benefits of BMX Riding So, Does BMX Build Muscle?

People who ride their BMXs regularly and stick to a reasonably healthy diet tend to have a well-developed body form; From strong muscular legs and butt to defined abs and arms.

While biking will not give you monstrous muscles, it will definitely tone, strengthen and stimulate your muscles for growth if done correctly.

The BMX is different from a larger road or mountain bike in that it is geared for short, high-intensity riding.

Like any high intensity work out, BMX riding seriously engages a number of major and minor muscles throughout your body; from the glutes, which make up most of your thigh and butt, to the triceps and biceps of the arm, hamstrings, calves, and abdominals.

How Biking Develops Your Muscles

Glutes — You exercise your glutes every time you move your thigh backward while riding your best bmx bike under 300.

Hip Flexors — Everytime you move your thigh towards your abdomen and straighten your leg, the hip flexors and quadriceps which sit on the front and sides of your thighs get activated and stimulated for development and more definition.

Benefits of BMX Riding

Hamstrings — the hamstrings are situated at the back of your thigh. When riding your BMX, you activate your hamstring by extending your hip while flexing your knee, then again when you pull your heel up to your butt.

Abs — Your abdominal core and abs which make up the largest muscles of your stomach get the work out when you forcefully pedal and strive to keep your balance up on your best bmx bike under 400.

Calves — Whenever you bend your ankle and point your foot down, the calves get their share of the burn out as well.

Biceps and Triceps — your arms muscles get shredded whenever you flex your elbow during a BMX jump. The triceps activate when you maintain straight arms as you stand and sit.

Does BMX Improve Posture?

Riding a BMX bike helps you maintain a good posture. Staying in an appropriate posture enhances the health of your spine. Just ensure you find the right bike size, that matches your leg inseam, torso and arms.

Riding a BMX ensures that you don't slouch, which eventually strengthens your back muscles.

Your health is vital to your happiness and allows you to lead a productive life. If you struggle with gym exercises and other sports, BMX biking will do you lots of good.

Is Biking Good for Weight Loss?

Riding your best bmx bike under 500 can help you lose weight since at its core, biking is more of an aerobic exercise. If you're just starting out or are overweight, start off with lower speeds and lower intensity.

Pick up the pace and increase the intensity everyday. Unlike most traditional workouts, BMX workouts are fun and stimulate the mind. You can be sure you will not get bored or easily give up on it once you get used to it.

So now that we know BMX biking helps you lose weight, just how many Calories does riding a BMX bike burn?

Generally, a 150-pound individual can expect to burn 550 calories in one hour of BMX riding.
What are Other Major Benefits Of BMX Biking?

1. Increase Blood Circulation

Cycling enhances circulation within your blood vessels, which in turn deliver oxygen rich blood to the skin cells. This helps fight oxidation, and aids in muscle repair and healing.

2. Helps Combat Joint Pain

BMX riding is a high intensity but low impact exercise. This is the best go-to exercise for people battling joint pain and arthritis. Unlike running,

skipping and conventional gym exercises, BMXing is the most effective workout as it strengthens your backbone, lower body muscles, and enhances mobility of certain joints.

3. Improves the Heart and Brain Health

As stated earlier, BMX biking is an effective aerobic/cardio exercise. What this means is, biking is a "with oxygen" work out routine which increases your breathing and heart rate.

This effectively sends oxygen rich blood to every organ of your body, including your heart and brain, healing and strengthening the tissues and functions.
BMX riding also improves your mood and gives you a sharper focus.

Benefits of BMX Riding Final Words

So there you have it!

Whether you now have kids of your own or not, pull up to any race meeting in your area and you will be in awe of the number of adults participating in BMX racing.

Go to the nearest park and you're bound to see adults riding alongside their kids on the same track on similar sized bikes.

You'll also be surprised to learn that some people never stopped riding their BMX since they lay their hands on their first BMX back in the 80's.

The key motivator here should be the fact that you get to build well defined muscles, shred massive calories, while engaging in a fun, impact sport.

Keep in mind that there are very few fun, versatile and effective exercises to lose weight and build muscles. BMX biking is one of them.

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