Best bmx Under 300

Best bmx Under $300


Whether you ride bikes or not, chances are you've heard of best bmx under 300. There's a very good reason for that. BMX bikes rose to fame in the 1970s. Kids back then used their regular bicycles to imitate motocross races. This trend became so popular that Scot Alexander Breithaupt decided to cater to this growing market.

That's how the best BMX bikes under 300 were created. These bicycles were designed for off-road sports and are used in various bicycle competitions and tournaments across the world.

BMX bikes are recognised not only for their durability, but they are also known for speed and are light-weight. Speaking of weight, BMX bike frames offer customers plenty of choices, in terms of size, and the make of metal.

BMX bikes are generally made from chromoly steel or aluminium. While both metals are reliable, chromoly steel frames are typically heavier and cost less. On the other hand, aluminium steel frames weigh less and are also rust-resistant.

Now, let's focus on size. BMX bikes are available in a variety of different frame sizes. The frame sizes start from frames suitable for 4 to 6-year-olds and go all the way up to frames suitable for 12 years and up. BMX Pro bikes, however, are also available in XL sizes.

There are many other advantages of purchasing a BMX bike, such as customised tires, different wheel sizes, and rear-hand brakes.

The good news for you is that while they design BMX bikes for racing, it doesn't mean that's all you can do with them. You and your kids can use these bikes to enjoy the experience of cycling.

When purchasing a BMX, it's best to keep in mind the reason behind buying the bicycle.

For instance, if you're thinking of buying the bike for your kids so they can use it for riding to school and back, it's best to look at the "Freestyle" models. What's more, the Freestyle is a particular favourite among parents for its sturdiness.

If you're still not sure or feeling confused, don't worry.

We've compiled a list of the best bmx bikes under 300. Not only that, but we've also included accurate and informative reviews so that you make your decision based on your needs.

All you need to do is scroll down, go through each option, and make your choice.

Sound good?

Then let's get to our list without wasting any more time.

Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Reviews

Best bmx Under $300

1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Line

If you're looking for quality, then you shouldn't have to look further than the Mongoose brand. Not only is the brand well-known and recognised, but it's appreciated for making some of the best BMX bikes ever.

As you may already know, a high-end or top-tier BMX can cost thousands of dollars. That's not a budget that suits everyone. But price alone shouldn't stop you from enjoying what you love.

If you happen to be a BMX fan; who wants high-end quality but also needs mid-range pricing, then you should very seriously consider the Mongoose Legion Freestyle.

Review of the best bmx bikes under  300 the Mongoose Legion Freestyle

The Mongoose Freestyle is designed to give you a pro-level performance, and it also happens to be one of the most popular BMX bikes ever.

It also has a 5-star rating of 67% on Amazon. Here's why.

Companies use high-tensile steel to make engines or shafts because it's capable of bearing great stress without breaking or bending. Mongoose uses high-tensile to make their bikes. That's impressive. Apart from that, it's also a very good assurance of durability.

The Freestyle weighs around 30 lbs. That's not too light for a BMX bike, but it's not too heavy either. Instead, this bike has a beautiful balance thanks to its strong frame.

Besides that, the Mongoose Legion Line bikes have steel U-brakes, and aluminium and resin brake levers for better speed control. The single caliper brake allows you to slow down or stop gradually. This avoids a sudden-braking due to hitting the level too hard.

It also has removable brake mounts, a 20” top tube length, and a 9T cog sealed bearing cassette rear hub, which makes for easier removal. All things considered, this is a great choice for experts as well as beginners.

Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20-inch BMX Bike Orange Splatter Review

2. Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20-inch BMX Bike Orange Splatter

Mafiabikes is a very famous brand in the UK and the world over.
They not only produce high-quality BMX bikes but also provide their customers with BMX parts at a very reasonable price range.
If what you want is an excellent off-road starter BMX bike, then the Kush 2+ by Mafiabike is something you consider. The bike costs around 9 on Amazon, along with free shipping.

Review of the best bmx bikes under 300 the Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20-inch BMX Bike Orange Splatter

The Kush 2+ is one of the best- selling BMX bikes in the United Kingdom.

Not only that, but this particular model of Mefiabikes is also a great success, and continues to top the charts in popularity. And you might just feel greatly compelled to become a Kush 2 fan yourself after you discover its specifications.

This entry-level BMX is anything but boring. Instead, it has high-quality components, a durable and light-weight frame that's easy to manoeuvre, and it's beautiful to look at.

The bike has a 20.4" TT High-Tensile steel frame that's built to withstand rough use and wide 29" bars with a comfortable 8.5-inch rise. That's not it though, the list does get better. It also has an alloy single wall front rim and double-wall rear rim with anti-scuff pads. Perhaps, one of its most appealing features is the 2.4" Fat Crawler Street Tires.

The Kush's overall weight is 26 lbs, which makes it ideal for manoeuvring. The plastic integral seat and VP slim pedals are extra bonuses.

Finally, the orange and black colour combination is very aesthetically pleasing and edgy. Any beginner BMX-enthusiast will surely be happy to get their hands on the Kush 2 BMX bike.

Hyper Spinner Gloss Black with Red Accent BMX Bike Review

best bmx under 300

3. Hyper Spinner Gloss Black with Red Accent BMX Bike

Hyper Bicycles Inc. has been doing business since 1990, and it started off making top-tier BMX racing components and frames.

Eventually, the company expanded its product base and started manufacturing its own top quality BMX bikes.

Now the name Hyper Bicycles is synonymous with not just BMX bikes, but also mountain bikes, and various other sporting goods.

All of which means that if you do decide to choose Hyper's Spinner Gloss Black BMX bike, you will more than likely be happy with the quality of your purchase.

Review of the best bmx under 300 the Hyper Spinner Gloss Black with Red Accent

The Hyper Spinner Gloss Black BMX bike is perfect for ages 12 and up. It's a Spinner Pro Signature model, which means that the bike is perfect for performing tricks, be it the parking lot or the course.

The bike comes equipped with micro-drive sprockets that provide comfortable off-road rides. Also, the rotor on the front allows the rider to make an easy 360-degree handlebar rotation. This means the Hyper Spinner Pro is an excellent choice for performing stunts with greater confidence.

As far as looks are concerned, the bike is available in an overall black or green paint job that will appeal to kids. If you're concerned about the safety of your children, then don't be, because the bike has a sturdy design and multi-surface tires that provide extended control.

However, some cyclists have reviewed the bike as being too heavy, and others have expressed some dissatisfaction with the rear ball bearings and pedals.

Not only is this bike a good choice for beginners, but it's also suitable for the more experienced cyclists. For a BMX bike under 0, the Hyper Spinner Pro offers looks, quality, durability, and safety.

It's a bargain for anyone looking to purchase a good quality BMX bike.

BMX bike under $300

4. Mafiabikes Madmain 20” Flat Black Harry Main BMX Bike

Another Mafiabikes BMX to make it to our list is the Madmain 20" black BMX Bike.

The bike was designed by Harry Main from the Mafia team, and according to them, he's "an absolute BMX beast." We've already mentioned the popularity of the Mafiabikes brand, and the Madmain model is another one of their top-sellers.

Let's move on to the review to discover why.

Review of the best bmx under 300 the Mafiabikes Madmain 20” Flat Black Harry Main BMX Bike

According to Harry Main, the creator of the bike, the Madmain is the ideal choice for an "entry-level set up."

The bike takes inspiration from Main's geometry set up. Its features include an integrated headset, 29" x 9" wide bars, and a short rear end that's perfect for short hops, spins, and lifts.

The Madmain 20" BMX also comes with high-tensile threaded forks that not only give the bike a more classic look; it also makes adjusting the bar height an easy process.

The bike's frame is made from carbon (high-tensile) steel that is not only able to bear more pressure, but it also allows the bike to be used in more rigorous conditions without bending or breaking.

The 2.4" Lagos Crawler tires are designed to provide fast-rolling along with grip, and they're designed to absorb heavy impact. Also, their large block pattern makes them look smart.

The Madmain bike adheres to Mafia's ethos - which is to provide great quality bikes at reasonable prices. It's a great bike for beginners, but it should be used for off-road use only.

Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20-inch BMX Bike Blue Review

best bmx under 300

5. Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20-inch BMX Bike Blue

The Kush 2+ is the latest entry of BMX bikes made by Mafiabikes.
Apart from looking stylish and contemporary, it has all the latest components that will likely please all bicycle-enthusiasts.

Not only has Mafiabikes outdone itself with the attention to detail in this model, but the Mafia team has also gone all out on the geometry aspects. The Kush 2+ promises to deliver a smooth ride and is hailed as one of the best entry-level BMX bikes.

To discover more features and plus points, move on to the review section.


Review of the best bmx under 300 the Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20-inch BMX Bike Blue

Like all the other Kush 2+ models featured on this list, this BMX is also made from carbon (high-tensile) steel. Some cyclists may find bikes made from carbon steel to be heavier than those made from aluminium.

However, it should be noted that the strength of steel allows for a certain amount of flex. This allows riders to experience a springiness and a livelier BMX experience. Aluminium frames generally do not have this advantage.

This bike also has a 75.5° headtube angle that allows front wheel tricks, technical riding, and faster steering. Though, if you're looking for a big-jump bike, then you might want to look for a headtube of 74°.

Additional features include a mid-sized bearing that all major BMX brands have sealed internal headset, and KMC chains; that are known for their superior performance and fast shifting.

The Kush 2+ has alloy double-wall rims because it's meant to be used only for off-roading purposes. Double-wall rims provide more support as opposed to single-wall rims.

All the specs of the Kush 2+ have been personalised for off-road use. This makes it an exceptional choice for a beginner who is interested in learning more.

Hoffman Bikes Seeker - Seeker Series

best bmx under 300

6. Hoffman Bikes Seeker - Seeker Series

This next BMX bike that we've lined up for you comes from Hoffman Bikes Inc.

The company gets its name from Matt Hoffman. For those who aren't aware, Hoffman is an American BMX rider (legend), and he's one of the best "vert ramp" riders ever. In fact, Matt was good at what he did; they nicknamed him "The Condor." Matt runs his BMX brand from Oklahoma city.

The Hoffman Bikes Seeker BMX has numerous advantages that make it ideal for entry level and mid-range entry level.

Review of the best bmx under 300 the Hoffman Bikes Seeker - Seeker Series

The Seeker BMX weighs in at approximately 28 lbs.

Both its tube top and fork are made from high-tensile steel, making it a strong BMX bike. The frame comes with a 20.5” top tube, which is slightly shorter and so more suited to street riders.

It also has a mid-sized bottom bracket, which is prevalent in mid and pro-level BMX bikes. Also, its Freewheel 9t Cassette Driver gives the rider the advantage of speed. The Pt Cassette Driver is also easy to maintain and remove.

The Seeker's head tube angle is a mellow 74.5°, which means it's more suited for riding transitions and big jumps as opposed to technical riding. It also makes use of down tube gussets to provide overall strength to the frame and to avoid breaking or cracking.

All the Seeker's specifications, like 20" x 2.1" street style tires and 8.25" handlebar, make it a good choice for any novice and mid-level cyclist or rider.

Not to mention the conjoined seat combo, and special Hoffman Razz grips give the Seeker that extra edge. As a BMX under $300, this is a worthy investment for any BMX street rider.



Redline has been part of the BMX arena since 1974. Since then, they've made cutting-edge and creative BMX race and freestyle bikes.

Their bikes are not only the product of industry-knowledge but also a genuine passion. Their range of BMX bikes is created for all types of BMX-enthusiasts, beginners, and pros alike.

Their motto-or-sorts is that BMX is more than just a bike; it's who you are. Pretty deep isn't? Redline takes their BMX bikes seriously, and so should you. Read on to find out why.

Review of the best bmx under 300 the REDLINE BIKES 2018 ROMP 20.4 BLUE COMPLETE BMX BIKE

The Redline Romp 2018 is perfect for beginners and all the "first" BMX experiences.

Not only does it have proven freestyle geometry, but it also has a cassette hub and micro clearing that have been designed to help you easily clear ramps and jumps. Plus, like all BMXs designed for freestyle, the Romp is built to withstand rough use.

Choosing the best BMX bike suited to your needs is sometimes confusing, but the first important feature you should look at is the material of the frame. First-timers are better off getting a Hi-ten steel frame body that provides strength and can withstand being thrown around.

Not to mention, Hi-ten BMX bikes are more reasonably priced. This allows youngsters to focus on their BMX experience, rather than saving their bike from dents and scratches.

The Romp will give you the freedom to explore your moves at the skatepark without you having to worry about any breaking, etc.

This bike also has 20" x 2.25" Park Tires, which are ideal for teens who require a lot of leg-space and first-timer adults.

The Fork has a 1 1/8" Threadless Headset along with Hi-ten tapered legs. This does weigh-down the bike a little, but it still gives you plenty of room to manoeuvre.

The Romp 2018 has multiple features, all within the price range of under $300. Be sure to check it out.



Didn't we say you should take Redline BMX Bikes seriously?

Redline makes some of the best starter BMX bikes. The Redline Romp is certainly one of them. This bike's specs are a testament to Redline's 20 years' worth of experience in the BMX arena.

Apart from that, this bike balances its brilliant features at a reasonable price. This makes it perfect for anyone wishing to learn and discover their inner BMX star, without having to worry about the costs involved.

The review reveals why the Romp is easily able to compete with even certain high-end beginner BMX bikes.

Review of the best bmx under 300 the REDLINE BIKES 2018 ROMP 20.4 GREEN COMPLETE BMX BIKE

The 2018 Romp 20.4 green not only has a Hi-ten steel frame (for added durability), but it also has a three-piece Chromo bike cranks. A three-piece crank is built for strength and is way better than a one-piece. Three-piece cranks also provide a smoother peddling experience and give you less maintenance trouble.

Now let's talk about the advantages you'll get from the Hi-ten steel frame. Apart from being tough, steel frames are easy to repair as practically any good welder can fix it.

Next, the steel frame on the 2018 Romp 20.4 green will give the advantage of a smoother ride. Steel frames are created to reduce vibrations and absorb shocks. For first-timers, the BMX experience may turn jarring if they can all the bumps and vibrations as they ride.

Lastly, if you're looking for a bike for commuting, touring, or even mountain biking, then this Redline bike should be perfect for you. This is because the bike's weight won't affect your cycling.

The Monster Padded Combo Saddle w/ 25.4 Post makes the Romp's bike seat. It also has a standard pivoting saddle and is very comfortable and supportive.

Apart from that, this BMX bike also offers strong Hi-Ten 8.25 Rise handlebars and 9/16" Low Profile Resin Platform bike pedals.

Overall, any first-timer will enjoy their BMX experience on the 2018 Romp 20.4 green.


There are a lot of good options out there if you're looking to purchase a BMX bike. But, at the end of the day, your perfect bike will be the one that matches up to your requirements the best.

Our list of the best bmx bikes under $300 will hopefully address and sort out all of your concerns. But despite that, there are certain things you need to be clear on before you start your search for your BMX bike. 

You need to be clear on a budget obviously, but apart from that, you need to focus on your BMX discipline of choice. For instance, do you want a BMX that is Freestyle and suitable for skateparks, or do you want a BMX with dirt-riding specs?

Another thing you need to keep in mind is your skill level. It matters if you're a youth, beginner, intermediate, or advanced rider. 

Tires and frames are two other aspects that should affect your choice of BMX bike. Knobby tires are suited for dirt-tracks, whereas slick tires are good for flat-riding. 

It's a well-accepted fact aluminium frames are preferred by riders who are interested in racing. Whereas steel frames are cost-effective and provide comfort and permanence. 

Try to keep the considerations we've highlighted above while you're scrolling through our list, and we do not doubt that you'll find the BMX bike you've been looking for.

Happy shopping, and Good luck!

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