Best bmx Under 500

Best Bmx Under $500


Best bmx under 500. BMX stands for bicycle motocross,  which is one of the toughest and most enjoyable sports out there. But, if you want to engage in a BMX race, you’re going to have to land yourself a strong and the best bmx bikes under 500!

However, deciding what kind of BMX bike can get confusing, there are just so many amazing options to choose from, yet you only get to pick one. So, you need to make sure that you’re buying the right BMX bike.

There is no such thing as a “bad BMX bike”; this is because all BMX designs are built for lasting performance, speed, and offer an excellent output. But, again, you can only choose one, so you best make sure it’s the right one for you.

As you begin to immerse yourself into the world of BMX biking, you will discover that your bicycle has become your new best friend; hence, it’s worth investing in a solid bike that will make the ride worthwhile.

However, BMX bikes are generally quite costly, but this is not always true. Luckily, you can find may excellent bicycles under the 500 price tag. All of these bikes contain excellent features and are designed to bring you the best on a budget.

In this article, we will cover all the best BMX options that you can grab at a steal price for the bike for you. Once you have decided on the bike you want, you can go ahead and purchase it, which will enable you to begin your cycling journey.

BMX cycles are different from regular models in many ways. Firstly, they generally have better performance and are built to compete with more challenging terrains; a regular build model may not be able to allow for a smooth, seamless ride over rougher terrain, but a BMX model sure will. After all, that’s what it’s built for!

Secondly, BMX bicycles allow riders to perform interesting tricks with them, called BMX freestyle. A popular example of this is the wheelie, which riders perform by pushing their bike forward using just one tire. Performing these tricks requires absolute focus and plenty of training, and, of course, a great bike to try them on.

So, now that you know why it’s worth investing in a BMX bicycle, here is our list of the hottest and best bmx under 500

  1. 2019 Premium Subway 20.5 Matte Black Complete BMX Bike

best bmx under 500

The first complete BMX bike on our list is the classic premium subway 20.5 bike. A top of the line Premium BMX bike, the Subway 20.5 comes in a suave matte black color. Carefully designed to be robust, durable, and lightweight, this BMX bike is every performer’s dream.

The bike features an excellent quality CroMo downtube frame that is integrated with the head tube. It also has a Mid-BB shell as well as an integrated seat clamp.

The CrMo steer tube fork is internally threaded and has full hi-ten tapered legs as well. With the top load stem, its Hi-ten handlebar is at about 8.75 or 9 inches. Other features include premium flangeless team grips as well as excellent quality three pieces 175mm 8-spline CroMo cranks that are sealed with Mid-BB. The bike contains 36 single hole-alloy wall rims that come with a free-coaster, sealed rear hub. 

The bike has a super-efficient and smooth 25/9 system for gearing and Premium quality CK 2.4-inch front and rear tires that are made to withstand the roughest of terrains.

This BMX bike has a comfortable and premium seat from Fat Capitol and also includes pivotal posts. Other than being comfortable, Fat Capitols premium seat is also durable and helps to keep the rider balanced as well. The premium kinetic Pedals on this bike are made from high-quality plastic. They are durable as well as robust. Their smoothness and smart design helps riders to quickly gain speed and momentum. 

Pros and Cons


  • Its flangeless Team grips are of top quality and provide just the right amount of friction for you to hold on to the bike while still being gentle on your hands
  • Super comfortable and stable Fat Pilot Premium seat
  • Robust and durable kinetic loose ball pedals made from plastic


  • Ensure that the bike is assembled properly, if not then this could lead to early wear and tear of the bike and may even lead to dangerous failures
  • The height of the seat may be uncomfortable for some individuals
  • Comes in only two colors, chrome, and matte black


If you’re aiming to buy a lightweight bike for a rider who’s less than 5 ft 4 inches tall, the CRS 18 makes for an ideal candidate; all parts of this bike, including tires, handles, and the top tube, are scaled to fit petite people, making for a comfortable ride. Additionally, not only is this bike pretty to look at, thanks to its striking color, but it is also fairly reliable, lightweight, and strong.

This bike comes in a stunning purple color; if you want an eye-catching bicycle, this model is perfect for you. Complete with a shiny metallic luster and well-thought-out design, this bike is bound to be a head-turner wherever you take it.

Apart from its striking appearance, this BMX CRS 18 has an 18-inch wheel size and top tube length of 18 inches, too, which helps create a balance that keeps the bike in equilibrium when cycling. It employs Salt Tracer 2.2 inch front and rear tires, which offer remarkable performance on a variety of terrains.

This bike’s seat is extremely comfortable; it is known as the WETHEPEOPLE CRS 18 pivotal seat and can easily be adjusted as needed. The entire bike weighs just short of 11 kg, which puts it on the lighter side of BMX bikes. While being lightweight enables this bike to reach higher speeds in shorter time spans, it also puts it at the risk of becoming unstable when being ridden through harsh weather or a wind storm. This bike cannot be ridden by people taller than 5 ft 4 inches, which means that if a growing teen is riding it, they may need to upgrade to a larger bike after a few years.


  • Lightweight body weighing less than 11kg
  • Experiences less drag force
  • Ideal size for individuals shorter than 5 ft 4 inches
  • Comfortable seat
  • Excellent braking system
  • Reliable tires suitable for diverse city terrains


  • Cannot be ridden by people taller than 5 ft 4 inches due to limited 18-inch long top tube
  • Too light to be ridden in harsh weather conditions; bike can easily be blown over by harsh winds


If you’re in search of a sleek and stylish bike, the We The People CRS 18 is worth taking a look at. This bike flaunts all the power contained by a regular-sized 20 inch BMX but is small enough for petite people to ride without a hassle.

The CRS 18 flaunts a 1.65-inch chains stay length, a 75 degree tilted head tube angle, and a 71.5-degree seat tube angle that makes for a comfortable ride. This bike has welded brake mounts and Salt AM alloy u-brakes, which offer fool-proof braking and flawless movement.

This bike is perfect for people who are shorter than 5 ft 4 inches, thanks to its 18 inch long tires and similarly sized top tube length. Despite being an 18-inch model, this bike has everything a larger bike has, including powerful Eclat Surge plastic peddles, a fully sealed Salt cassette hub, and a lightweight Spanish bottom bracket.

In addition to all this, the CRS 18 has a lightweight metal body that is delivered to you complete with a shiny black lustrous coat that not only prevents rusting but also gives it a stylish edge. It is also remarkably easy to assemble; you won’t need to invite over a trained mechanic to help you with this one.


  • Excellent braking system; this bike comes complete with reliable Salt AM brakes and welded brake mounts
  • Lightweight metal body perfect for petite riders
  • A smaller version of traditional 20 inch BMX models; this bike makes no compromises on quality or standards
  • Stylish metallic black exterior
  • Easy to assemble
  • Hassle-free riding experience
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not suitable for tall riders owing to 18-inch tire span
  • Lightweight body may not be well suited to harsh weather conditions, particularly storms and strong wind


Who doesn’t love an eye-catching color like yellow, especially when it’s on a bike? This amazing model by We The People is hands-down, one of the best BMX bikes out there; it has many positives to consider, including a smooth drive, powerful tires, and long-lasting, weather-resistant metal framework body. 

This two-wheeled powerhouse is an excellent option for shorter bikers who need a smaller cycle; this model is suitable for people shorter than 5 ft 4 inches. This is because of its 18-inch tire span and 18 inch top tube. The rest of the bike is scaled to adjust to the shorter tires, allowing the bicycle owner to enjoy a smooth and swift ride without worrying about whether or not their feet will reach the pedals.

This bike has a 4130 crmo down tube, 1020 hi-ten frame that’s coated with a flashy yellow metallic finish; this cycle is bound to turn heads wherever it’ll go. Furthermore, it contains genuine Salt parts, including a Rookie tubular three-piece crmo 152mm crank with an 8 Spline design, a Spanish 19mm press fit sealed bearing, and an AM z1 type chain to guarantee a hassle-free ride.

It also has a Fraction single wall 36h front, and rim rear, a signature We The People CRS 18 pivotal seat, and a Salt AM pivotal seat post. You can easily adjust the seat to suit your needs, which is another reason why this bike is perfect for shorter individuals.


  • The perfect BMX option for shorter people thanks to 18-inch tires and scaled body
  • Fantastic yellow body and eye-catching design
  • Lightweight build, perfect for petite bike owners
  • All parts manufactured by Salt, guarantying commendable performance
  • Durable build that’s perfect for tackling a wide variety of terrains
  • Highly resistant tires


  • The seat is quite comfortable, but not as comfortable as most people would like it to be
  • As is the case with most BMX bikes, this product does not have a suspension, which means that it will experience a harder impact as compared to other bikes


The Haro Midway 21 BMX model is an ergonomically designed bike that offers an enjoyable riding experience. This bike is definitely one of the best options you can grab for under 0; it is sturdy, smartly designed, and has some of the best tires you can get on a bike within this price range. This model is black, but you can also grab this bike in two other colors: matte copper and chrome.

This model has a 21-inch top tube length and Haro la Mesa tires to match; the bike has excellent balance and control and offers easy-to-achieve equilibrium. It also has an easy and convenient drive, thanks to its excellent dynamics.

Despite being a 21-inch bike, this product weighs just short of 12 kg, putting it on the lighter side of the BMX weight spectrum. But being lightweight has its own benefits; riding a lighter bike means that you don’t have to apply as much pressure and force when cycling. Lighter bikes are great for beginners owing to this very reason. However, lightweight bikes also experience denting more easily than heavy bikes.

This bike has a 25/9 gearing and uses Haro 1978 plastic pedals, which are complete with non-slip technology and make for excellent riding companions. The cycle has a Haro 1978 alloy 990 U-brake on its rear end, only. It has a Haro 1978 allow hinged level.

The handlebar on this model has a 9-inch rise, and the stem is made from typical Haro alloy. This bike has a padded pivotal seat with an alloy pivotal post.


  • Resilient design with full metal frame
  • Haro La Mesa tires offer commendable performance and flaunt a stylish blue-streak design
  • Durable parts, all of which are manufactured by Haro
  • Sturdy build
  • Comfortable and fully adjustable seat
  • Ideal rotational weight


  • Lightweight body may dent easily
  • The body weighs less than 12 kg and may prove to be too lightweight for a tall or heavy person to ride; hence, comfort may be compromised, and


bike owners have a whole list of expectations from their BMX; the cycle should be sturdy, reliable, hassle-free, have a comfortable seat, and maintain an excellent performance output. The bike should also be easy to ride and be dependable, especially when riding on challenging terrains.

If you don’t believe that a single bike can offer all of these, it’s high time you take a look at the Haro Midway 21 BMX Freestyle bike!

This is a stylish BMX bicycle that guarantees a smooth drive thanks to its thick signature Haro 1978 wheels. Interestingly, this bike’s tires are black on the inside and white on the outside, which is a strikingly unconventional design. Regardless, even though the white tires are bound to get extremely dirty when riding it, the design offers a remarkably strong grip on the ground, which allows the rider to practice a wide variety of freestyle tricks with it.

Apart from the wheels, the rest of the bike is also pretty durable. However, its lightweight frame makes it easily dent-able; the bike weighs less than 12 kg, which puts it on the lighter end of the weight variety spectrum. Most BMX bikes are heavier than this, which is why they offer a better grip, especially if a heavier person is riding them.

This bike has a handy U brake, which is a reliable design and allows for worry-free riding. It also has a three-tube Chromoly frame with an integrated head tube, mid-BB shell, and a welded seat clamp. The frame is a beautiful matte copper color; paired with the white wheels, this bike offers a beautiful design and is an ideal choice for people who prefer elegant and colorful bikes.


  • Beautiful matte copper color with stylish wheels
  • Becoming brown seat design; adjustable and comfortable
  • Remarkable wheel performance; sturdy grip and thick width
  • Plastic Haro 1978 pedals offer commendable grip


  • The lightweight body may damage and dent easily if excessive force is applied
  • White in color tires can get dirty easily, especially when ridden across unconventional terrains


This is another excellent bike that you can grab for less than 0; it would be criminal to not consider this bike because of how well-put-together it is.

The Forecaster 20.75 BMX bike is a product of the well-known bike company, Sunday. Sunday was established in 2005 and had been putting out commendable bikes ever since. Even its low-cost options offer remarkable performance and are worth considering when shopping for a BMX bike under 0.

Sunday’s Forecaster is a force to be reckoned with; despite costing under $500, this bike offers high-level performance and feels like a professional bike. It has excellent visuals owing to its black frame and stylish tires, which even sport an electric blue streak; the latter is known as Toothpaste Sunday Lightning rims.

Sunday is a product of Odyssey, which is a well-reputed company that specializes in manufacturing bike parts, especially for BMX cycles. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise knowing that most of the parts used in the Forecaster were made by Odyssey. This is a good thing because Odyssey is known for its high-quality bike parts.

The bike rims, brake lever, and brakes are all manufactured by Odyssey and guarantee a hassle-free and comfortable riding experience. This bike employs 20.75 inch TT cromo DT and DO fame with a 1-1/8 inch head tube and removable brake hardware. It has a 9 x 28.5-inch handlebar with a 12-degree back sweep and 4-degree upsweep. The wheels span 20 inches, making this bike perfect for people of average height, and even taller individuals to an extent.


  • Elegant design; the Toothpaste Sunday Lightning rims and black frame make for an excellent combination
  • Odyssey parts, including rims and brakes, hence guarantying satisfaction
  • 20-inch wheel size; this bike is great for people who are tall or of average height


  • Lightweight body weighing only 12 kg
  • This bike dents easily if not treated with care


We The People is known for its excellent, high-standard bikes. The company was established in 1996 and had been delivering brilliant bikes ever since. This particular model is one of their best options for those who want an efficient BMX bike but are on a tight budget. With a cost of less than $500, this bike is an excellent option worth looking into.

We The People’s 2020 version of the Arcade bike is undeniably the best rendition of this model, yet. It sports a 12.75-inch long chainstay, which makes it an excellent option for street riders, and is a fine choice for beginners or younger riders who want to learn new tricks on their bike.

This cycle has interesting design; it sports a camo-print wheel and a gorgeous black body. It also contains Salt parts, as is expected of a We The People bike. The bike has fully sealed bearings and multiple upgrades, including new and improved hardware.

The 2020 Arcade has a 4130 cromo top tube and down tube (2010 hi-ten). It also has Eclat Talon alloy u-brakes at its rear end, and Salt AM seamless tubular cranks. The bike flaunts an Eclat Bios mid-padded pivotal seat that is supported by a Salt AM Pivotal seat post. Lastly, this bike has special Eclat Slash nylon and fiberglass pedals, which allow for a strong, non-slip grip


  • 20.5-inch long top tube, allowing people of average and teller heights to ride this bike
  • High-quality frame with a simple black design
  • Attractive camo-print wheels that offer excellent grip on the ground
  • Non-slip nylon and fiberglass pedals


  • Lightweight bike; may dent easily and be unable to cope with harsh weather conditions


The world of BMX bikes is filled with excellent options, but the ones listed above are undeniably some of the very best bikes you’ll find on the market. The fact that they are all under $500 makes them extremely attractive and great bikes for beginners to practice on.

When searching for a bike, be sure to consider the following things:

  • Pedals: the pedals should be non-slip and allow you to maintain a strong grip on them
  • Body material: your new BMX bike should be fashioned from a strong alloy material; if it’s fully rust-proof, that’s even better
  • Weight: you don’t want a bike that’s too heavy, nor one that’s too light; aim for a bike that’s just right for you according to your personal height, weight, and build
  • Seat: You’ll be spending plenty of time atop your new BMX, so make sure it has a comfortable seat that can be adjusted to fit in line with your needs

Once you’ve gone over all the specs, go ahead and choose a bike from our list of BMX models under 0.

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