best cycling sunglasses under 50

Best Cycling Sunglasses Under 50

For anyone that likes to cycle during the day, you know how dangerous it can be if the sun blinds you. You can collide with another bike, or worse, with a large vehicle. It’s important to ensure that doesn’t happen by finding an affordable solution.

A pair of cycling sunglasses can be found at any price point, even under $50. It’s important to compare your choices and look for good quality sunglasses that offer UV protection that is comfortable and fit your face well. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best cycling sunglasses under 50 for your next outdoor adventure.

Why Do You Need Performance Sunglasses?

Finding a nice pair of sunglasses can always be a challenge. There are a lot of advantages to wearing them mostly centered around safety. Designed to wrap around your head to completely cover your eyes, cycling sunglasses will protect your eyes from anything that flies at them, even from an odd angle. With the wraparound design, you also get better coverage and the lenses will stay in place better than regular sunglasses, particularly if you ride over bumps or look down when they could slip on your sweaty nose.

Cycling sunglasses are also made with special features and materials that can handle rough riding outdoors. Frames are designed to be super lightweight and aerodynamic. And, they look pretty amazing with your cycling outfit.

Features to Look for in Cycling Sunglasses Under 50


With the anti-fog feature, a special coating is placed on the lens to stop them from becoming fogged up, particularly in cold, winter weather. Other designs include vents that are specially designed to allow fog build-up to clear away quickly.

UV Protection

Important for anyone that spends a lot of time outside, UV damage occurs over time, so you won’t notice it right away. Since it can be hard to tell if your eyes are being damaged by the due to prolonged exposure, it’s important to buy cycling sunglasses that offer that protection.

Photochromic Lens

Automatically changing tint depends on your surround level of light exposure, a photochromic lens is a great choice if you ride in conditions that change a lot.

Extra Lenses

Cycling sunglasses often come with lenses that you change out depending on the conditions and circumstances that you are riding in. Easy to swap out, this is the perfect solution if you have low-light lenses that you want to improve their visibility for a late evening ride.

Hydroleophobic Coating

This surface coating uses a special chemical compound that will stop grime from building up by repelling dirt.


If you don’t opt for the hydroleophobic coating, you may want to deal with filthy lenses by using tear-offs. This can be particularly helpful when you are racing or if you ride towards the back of a group on a muddy trail or in the rain. With tear-offs, you simply pull away the sheet of transparent plastic to provide a clear view of the trail or road in just seconds. While they are better suited for goggles, you will find several tear-off options among cycling sunglasses.

Nose pads

If you want to make sure you have the best fitting sunglasses, look for a nose piece that you can adjust. These nose pads are made with silicone and ensure that your sunglasses will stay in place on a bumpy ride and when your nose gets sweaty.

Which performance sunglasses should you choose?

Available in all styles and shapes, cycling sunglasses not only protect your eyes, but they also allow you to express your style. Choose a pair that offers great eye protection, but also reflects your personality.

Choosing the Cycling Sunglasses Under $50


As far as coverage, you want to find a great pair with a wraparound design that will protect your eyes the best from debris, soil, and sun, or whatever happens to be flying around as you cycle.

Contrast enhancement

As you cycle along, you want to be able to tell the difference between dark and light areas. No one wants to be sailing along and then ending up on your back out in the wood because your sunglasses can’t provide clear contrast. If you choose sunglasses that have dark lenses, they may compromise the contrast you need, which can cause you to easily hit a pothole. Look for light-colored lenses that will enhance the contrast and keep you safer.


When your sunglasses don’t fit well, they can fall off or hurt an area of your face. When considering cycling sunglasses, you want to look for frames that have straight-back temples that work well with a helmet. Make sure you try on a lot of sunglasses so you can find a pair that won’t slip off or fit too tightly.


When you are picking out sunglasses for outdoor activities, pick a frame that is lightweight but made of sturdy materials. Basically, you want them to be comfortable but virtually unbreakable. Check out nylon as you shop, which is generally a good choice.


Look for sunglasses that have nose and temple grips to ensure that they stay on your face when you start to sweat. Having sunglasses with a good grip will prevent distractions and distortion that can happen when your sunglasses shift, which is particularly true if they have prescription lenses.

Lens technology

Always remember that having the wrong type of lens can lead to your glasses shattering and hurting your eyes. Look for a polycarbonate material that is both unbreakable and lightweight.


While polarized lenses are great at cutting out glare and reducing eye strain, they can also throw the wearer’s depth perception. When you are riding diverse road conditions, it can be important to have that glare so you can avoid getting into an accident.


If you have issues with focusing, progressive lenses might be a good choice. It can help you read maps or smart devices that can help you find your way when you are out on a trail. Keep in mind that you do need a prescription for these glasses.


If you ride a lot during the day, transition lenses will adjust themselves according to the light in a matter of seconds. It all depends on your preferences, but many cyclists like them, especially if you end up riding on an overcast day when it can be dangerous to wear a dark lens.


Wearing heavy sunglasses can be painful. You don’t want to end the day with a sore nose or irritated skin. There are tons of choices on the market today, so you shouldn’t have a hard time find lightweight frames that will suit your face.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Cycling Sunglasses?

Cycling sunglasses can protect you from many things:
Insects and Dirt

When you ride fast or through traffic, you may encounter flying bugs. While you can’t predict when you will get hit by one, keep in mind that bugs can fly at high speeds and some are pretty big, which can cause an injury to an unprotected eye. Dirt on the road along with small stones can also fly up and into your eyes, so it’s important to keep your eyes well protected.


Very sunny days can provide a lot of glare from the sun if you aren’t wearing sunglasses. Not only will cycling sunglasses keep your eyes safe from anything flying into them, but they will also give you better visibility and reduce glare. It’s also important to protect your eyes from UV light, so look for sunglasses that offer UV protection.


Strong wind can cause your eyes to become watery. Even if it isn’t windy out, wind can still blow into your face as you descend or ride quickly. Cycling sunglasses will keep you safe on the road by keeping the wind out of your eyes and improving visibility.

Rain is also a big issue. For anyone that likes riding in the rain, or if you get caught in the rain accidentally, these glasses will protect your eyes from raindrops that can often be combined with sand, dirt, and other debris.

While there are many advantages to wearing cycling sunglasses like eye protection, there are a few disadvantages.


It’s not uncommon for glasses to fog up, which can be especially noticeable as the temperature drops on a climb or during the spring and fall seasons. When your glasses fog up, you can’t see anything and have to stop your ride. These days, some sunglass designs do have an anti-fog feature, so if this happens to you often, you may want to consider looking for a pair.

Low Quality

Always try different pairs of sunglasses when choosing yours. That way, you can compare and contrast to see which ones you can see clearly through and which you can’t.

Poor Fit

If you choose a pair of sunglasses that fit poorly, it can distract you as you ride. If the glasses are slipping or causing you pain when you try them on, you should choose another pair.

Best Cycling Sunglasses Under 50

Queshark Polarized Sports Cycling Glasses

Best Cycling Sunglasses Under 50

Featuring three interchangeable lenses, the Queshark Polarized Sports Cycling Glasses work for either women or men. They work well for fishing, baseball, golf, driving, and running. These black and pink glasses are equipped with a super light TR90 frame.

All three lenses are capable of blocking UVB and UVA Rays 100 percent. The Queshark Polarized Sports cycling Glass comes with a soft rubber nose pad, so even your kids will feel comfortable when they wear them. These awesome rimless jacket frames give you a clear lower vision field with unbreakable and durable lenses and frames.

With the included polarized lens, you will be able to scatter glares and eliminate reflections. Perfect for sports and outdoor activities. The Queshark Polarized Sports Cycling Glasses have interchangeable lenses that feature UV400 protection coatings and are capable of restoring true color and making scenery soft and clear.

These stylish and durable sunglasses have a lightweight design that is perfect for biking and running. Using polycarbonate frames and lenses, these sunglasses are unbreakable, durable, and scratch-resistant. The soft rubber nose pad makes them super comfortable, and they feature a lifetime breakage warranty on the frame.


  •  You can change out the lens depending on what you are doing 
  • They totally block out UV rays
  • They are pretty lightweight and won’t hurt your nose or ears


  •  It's difficult to change out the lenses and remove the lens from the frame

ROCKBROS CATEYE Photochromic Sunglasses

Best Cycling Sunglasses Under 50

Featuring a built-in frame, the Rockbros Cateye Photochromic Sunglasses as 100 percent UV protected. Great for running, baseball, fishing, driving, cycling, outdoor sports, and the beach, these sunglasses will change depending on the UV light intensity. When the UV light is strong, the lenses get darker, but will change back to transparent when you go indoors.

Offering UV400 protection, the Rockbros Cateye Photochromic Sunglasses will protect your eyes from damage when you are participating in outdoor sports. With their built-in frame, you can mount your own myopia lenses while the soft nose pad is adjustable to create an exceptional fit. Plus, the frameless construction will give you a clearer peripheral vision without the frame to block your view.

Weighing only 27 grams a pair, these unbreakable and lightweight frames offer all-day protection and comfort while reducing the pressure on your temples and nose. The nose pad is also adjustable, so it will fit any face shape. The temple tips and nose pads have a coating of a hydrophilic rubber material that gains grip when you sweat making them a great choice for outdoor activities.


  •  The lenses will change on their own depending on the UV light in the area 
  • These are great sunglasses for outdoor sports
  • You can’t break them


  •  They can fog up easily 
  • They are on the expensive side

Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses

Best Cycling Sunglasses Under 50

Equipped with a grey matte frame and black lenses, the Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses are a great choice for golfing, fishing, cycling, and baseball. With polarized lenses, these sunglasses are comfortable and help to filter out glasses from reflective surfaces that can interfere with your vision.

With multiple lens colors to choose from, these lightweight sunglasses are durable and make playing any type of sport more comfortable. These glasses include 100 percent UV400 sunglasses lenses that protect yours from dust and harmful lights. Plus, the Duduma Polarized Designer Fashion Sports Sunglasses comes with an anti-scratch coating that is strong er and harder than before.

Restoring true color, the Duduma Polarized Designer Sunglasses help to eliminate reflected and scattered light while perfectly protecting your eyes. Using seven layers, the TAC lenses are durable, absorb UV light, and are shatterproof.

Aesthetically pleasing with flattering lines, the Duduma Polarized Designer Sunglasses have a lightweight design that makes that ideal for cycling and motorcycle riding. Made of polycarbonate frames and lenses, these glasses are durable as well as impact and scratch-resistant.


  •  They have a snug fit and stay in place well 
  • These sunglasses have a good level of tint
  • They have a solid build quality and don’t interfere with reading LCD displays


  •  They have an inadequate level of polarization
  • There is a slight optical distortion with these glasses

JOGVELO Sport Sunglasses

best cycling sunglasses under $50

Weighing only 35 grams, the JOGVELO Sport Sunglasses have anti-sandstorm, anti-glare, anti-UV, and windproof features. Ideal for cycling or riding motorcycles, these unbreakable TR90 frames come with a TPR nose pad that sits comfortably on your nose. They also have an anti-fog mouth that rapidly eliminates fog that is caused by being inside, so you can see clearly.

Lightweight and comfortable, the JOBVELO Sport Sunglasses relieve the burned on your ears and nose. They also come with three interchangeable lenses that have a 100 percent UV400 protective coating. You can change these lenses out depending on the weather.


  •  These are very comfortable sunglasses 
  • They won’t fog up
  • You can change the lenses to match what you are doing


  • They aren’t as wide as some users expected
  • These glasses sit too high on some users faces
  • Sapines ad labore duius nunc
  • Aliqua nulla pariatur elitis

Mamjoin Polarized Sports Sunglasses

best cycling sunglasses under $50

Made for women or men, the Mamjoin Polarized Sports Sunglasses have UV400 protection and are great for outdoor sports like baseball, golf, fishing, running, and cycling. Blocking out 100 percent of harmful VUB and UVA rays, these sunglasses help to filter out glare from a reflective surface and make scenery softer and clearer.

Durable, flexible, and super lightweight, the Mamjoin Polarized Sports Sunglasses features a special multi-layer lens that can block and filter out 99.96 percent of intense glare. The flexible and lightweight frame will comfortably fit any type of face while the cool rimless jacket frame offers incredible peripheral vision. And, the soft rubber nose pad ensures that correct placement of these glasses on your face and won’t oppress the nose bridge.

Featuring an anti-scratch coating, the Mamjoin Polarized Sports Sunglasses are stronger and harder than ever. With all-day comfort, you get improved visibility as well as high optical clarity during water sports and outdoor activities. With a 400UV rating, these glasses will keep your eyes protect from UV related eye disease and help to prevent headaches and eye strain.


  • These glasses sit too high on some users faces
  • These glasses completely block out UV rays
  • They are lightweight and very comfortable


  • The rubber on the glass has a cheap look and feel 
  • They are a little big on some users faces

WOOLIKE Sports Sunglasses 

best cycling sunglasses under $50

A TR90 frame and polarized plastic lenses, the Woolike Sports Sunglasses have a 100 percent UV400 protection coating to block harmful UVB and UVA rays. These sunglasses make scenery softer and clearer and perfectly protect your eyes. The different lenses help you when you travel or got to the beach, for night activities, or rainy and cloudy days.

Super lightweight and unbreakable, the cool rimless jacket frames of the Woolike Sports Sunglasses help promote a clear lower vision field. Made from a PC material, these sunglasses are unbreakable and impact resistant. Plus, these durable sunglasses are super comfortable with soft rubber nose pads that will not slip as you are running or cycling.


  • These sunglasses won’t break, so they are great for sports
  • They are pretty comfortable and are great eye protection
  • These glasses will not slip when you get sweaty


  • These sunglasses are not very comfortable 
  • The lenses aren’t very dark

ZEAKER Polarized Sports Sunglasses

best cycling sunglasses under $50

Featuring a lightweight design, the ZEAKER Polarized Sports Sunglasses weigh only 19.2 grams, which allows you to wear them for long periods of time. The super lightweight structural design doesn’t cause pressure on the bridge of your nose, and their portable design makes them easy to carry and super flexible. You get three lenses that you can change out depending on the circumstances.

With a hollow design, the ZEAKER Polarized Sport Sunglasses help to reduce the contact area and improve heat dissipation while retaining a fashionable aesthetic. The nosepiece is adjustable, so you can comfortably wear them, plus their wraparound design makes them painless to wear.

Perfect for hiking, climbing, cycling, fishing, driving, and running, these sunglasses also are designed to keep your face dry thanks to the diversion hole that allows a breeze on your cheeks.
These high-quality sport sunglasses are high performing and use a lightweight TR90 frame material. Unbreakable and durable, these polarized active sunglasses are perfect for outdoor activities.


  • They are very stylish and great for sports 
  • You can adjust them to fit your face
  • They are very lightweight and unbreakable


  • None

KAPVOE Cycling Glasses

best cycling sunglasses under $50

Featuring three interchangeable lenses, the KAPVOE Cycling Glasses are polarized and include an antifog feature. Perfect for outdoor sports, these sunglasses have a UV400 protective coating and can block 100 percent of harmful UVB and UVA rays. They can eliminate scattered and reflective light while restoring true colors.

Capable of making scenery softer and clearer, the KAPVOE Cycling Glasses will protect your eyes with flexible and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that are unbreakable, durable, and scratch and impact-resistant. The soft nose pad is super comfortable and helps to keep the glasses from fall of as you sweat.

The colorful lenses can be changed to help you with cloudy days, nighttime activities, driving, and other activities. And, the cool frame design gives you a clear lower vision field that is perfect for driving, cycling, and riding a motorcycle.


  • The lenses won’t shatter and block all UV light
  • When you sweat, they stay in place
  • These sunglasses won’t get foggy and work well on cloudy days


  •  None

WAITU USA Cycling Sunglasses

best cycling sunglasses under $50

These polarized sunglasses come with four interchangeable lenses and are ideal for driving, golfing, skiing, cycling, fishing, and running. Worn by either women or men, the WAITU USA Cycling Sunglasses are made with great materials. The TR90 frames are impact-resistant and super lightweight.

These safe, stable, and impact-resistant prevent sand and wind from getting in your eyes in harsh environments. The WAITU USA Cycling Sunglasses can be used as goggles and will help to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays to guarantee comfortable vision. Lightweight and fashionable, it’s large frame design will fit your face perfectly.

These durable sunglasses will cut off any reflected light while expanding your field of vision. Impact-resistant and safe, the WAITU USA Cycling Sunglasses and super light and stable making them perfect for riding motorcycles or cycling. They are effective in stopping sun and UV ray interference.

Made of silicone, soft nose pads are comfortable and fit well, plus, they will not slip as you run or cycle. The WAITU USA Cycling Sunglasses allow you to enjoy any outdoor sports without worrying thanks to the high-quality frames that are durable and strong for any type of challenge you encounter. Not only are they hard to break, but these sunglasses feature interchangeable lenses that are suitable for many different situations.


  • You can change out the lenses depending on what you are doing 
  • They stop UV rays and are also unbreakable
  • They have a nice, large and fashionable design


  • The nose grip is really rigid, and you can't adjust them  
  • It is hard to take the lenses off and putting on the other ones 

The winner of the best cycling sunglasses under $50 are the KAPVOE Cycling Glasses. Ideal for cycling and other outdoor sports, these sunglasses come with three interchangeable lenses that are polarized and comes with an antifog feature. They also feature a UV400 protective coating that can block 100 percent of harmful UVB and UVA rays.

best cycling sunglasses under $50

Capable of making scenery softer and clearer, the KAPVOE Cycling Glasses will protect your eyes with flexible and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that are unbreakable, durable, and scratch and impact-resistant. The soft nose pad is super comfortable and helps to keep the glasses from fall of as you sweat. And, they can eliminate scattered and reflective light while restoring true colors. The definite winner of the best cycling glasses under $50 are the KAPVOE Cycling Glasses hands down.

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