10 Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

One of the most exciting things about riding a mountain bike is the capability to take in the remarkable scenery on the track, but what if you like to enjoy that panorama later? Or do you want to see what you did well on the track? If that is the case, you need to consider buying the best mountain bike helmet camera.

Choosing which brand and model is ideal for you can be hard with lots of different helmet cameras available on the market. However, if you focus on your needs, you might have a simple and easier time. Going into your search, knowing what you are capable of paying for and what you like to use the gadget will ultimately make your choice much less stressful. So, we have put together a useful guide of the best mountain bike helmet cameras below. Once you have read this guide, you will have the information needed to make your choice with confidence.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera: Reviewed In This Guide

Here is the comparison table of the best mountain bike helmet camera. This will help you easily choose the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Product Name




LKT Bike Motorcycle Helmet Camera




Mongoose Capture Bike Helmet




Fire Cam MINI1080 Helmet Camera




Sena PT10-10 Multi Prism Tube Wi-Fi Action Camera




Armogear Kids Action Camera with Video Recording




AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera




Action Camera 4K 30FPS

Wi-Fi/ USB



Drift Ghost X Action Camera | Full HD 1080P




Full Hd Extreme Sports Action Camera Xtreme Hd




Brinno TLC130 Time Lapse

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth



Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera List

LKT Bike Motorcycle Helmet Camera - 1080p Front and Back Bicycle Camera Sports Camera Small Video Camera Mini Action Camera Adventure Camera Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear Motorcycle Helmet Accessories by LKT

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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Why limit yourself to a single point of view if you can see two? Introducing the LKT Bike Motorcycle Helmet Camera that is able to record what is going on both sides with this rear and front dual leans 1080p camera. The integrated rear lens is bent at a fifteen-degree angle to make sure that license plates are shot. This capture more with only one camera!

This is integrated with the Sony IMX processor; thus, you will get clear recordings of footage even in a low light condition. This premium High Definition camera captures vital details like car license plays, so you do not miss any vital proof in case of mishaps.

The patented dual lens style features a premium quality front lens and fifteen degrees angled rear lens. Its rear lens is made at an optimal 15-degree angle to make sure that vital details are captured clearly.

Mongoose Capture Adult Bike Helmet with Go Pro Camera Mount, Black by Pacific Cycle, Inc (Accessories)

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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Never allow a memorable moment to pass by without recording it. Mongoose Capture Adult Bike Helmet with Go Pro Camera is here intended for everyday adventures as well as newbie videographers alike. With this fashionable and sturdy helmet for adults, you can record every second of the next trail ripping mountain ride or sleepy beach boardwalk outing, all while recording without using your hands. Integrated with a camera mount, you just clip in the camera on top of your mountain bike helmet, and you are ready to go.

The mount of this camera is conveniently compatible with GoPro Hero 2, 3, 3+, 4, 5, as well as 6 and allows you to record the whole ride while you concentrate on the fun of biking. You will experience a comfortable fit with the integrated 360 degrees rear dial fit knob as well as easy-to-adjust side straps. It is also integrated with 15 air vents which offer the utmost airflow. Thanks to state-of-the-art Mongoose Capture, not all will have to believe you if you tell them about the unique scenery you witness. This will surely elevate your ride.

Fire Cam MINI1080 Helmet Camera (US)

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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This helmet camera has been made to serve the purpose of interior fire fighting. Made by skilled fighters, this is built utilizing anodized aluminum, which features a heatproof glass lens.

The new helmet camera for mountain biking unleashes its lens power together with the strength of recording 1080p at 60 frames per second for just amazing slow motion videos. This also provides a superb low light performance by harnessing its sensor power which brings night-time recording to the forefront with remarkable clarity.

What makes this helmet camera apart from the rest is the integrated Wi-Fi that you can use on your smartphone. This allows you to control different features such as recording, live video previous, change in video resolution, change in video segmenting time, and to choose time and data. You can also playback recorded footage via Wi-Fi from the camera straight on your device, and review essential footage and erase unnecessary files.

Sena PT10-10 Multi Prism Tube Wi-Fi Action Camera for Helmet by Sena Technologies, Inc.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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Capture your mountain bike riding in just one press of a button, utilizing the state-of-the-art Sena PT10-10 Multi Prism Tube Wi-Fi helmet camera. This can easily record footage in 2k quad high definition quality, 1440p, and 30 frames per second. Integrated with noise reduction features, this makes sure that ambient noise does not interfere with the sound captured from the dual internal and external microphones for an extremely clear voice recording.

You might also hear voice feedback as well as prompts, which enables automatic device updates. The sleek High Definition Wi-Fi helmet camera has two mounting options that easily and quickly attach to all kinds of motorcycle helmets. This helmet camera for mountain bikes boasts a 125-degree field of views and enables spherical adjustment, offering 360-degree lens rotation together with a 25-degree camera tilt to capture an even broader array of shots.

Armogear Kids Action Camera with Video Recording – Action Camera Mount on Bike, Helmet, or Laser Gun – Great Sports Accessory for Kids by ArmoGear

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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If you are searching for a helmet camera intended for little ones, then the Armogear Kids Action Camera with Video Recording is the best choice. Introducing the rugged and tough helmet camera for kids that can easily attach to your helmet, Armogear laser guns to record remarkable high-resolution pictures and videos on the go. You can take a laser tag to a higher level with behind a scene video. The best thing about this camera is that it is rechargeable for extra convenience.

The high-resolution feature allows you to record kids’ candid moments in vivid, sharp detail. This camera also features 1080p/30 frames per second for a clear shot, or if you want to conserve memory space, opt for a 720p/60 frame per second. A broad 120-degree field of view makes it simple to take stunning, all-inclusive pictures and video clips.

You can mount this camera with ease, and it allows you to record video hands-free. This is a go-pro type with the camera, which can be snapped on and off or strapped to a lot of items such as a helmet. It comes with mounting hardware, 512MB MicroSD, strap adapter as well as a USB charging cable.

This is a tough and high quality camera built with a durable, shock-resistant body that can survive falls and bumps. This camera is perfect for tumble and rough children. This is 100 percent child safety certified by federal and state safety laws and regulations.

AKASO EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera with Touch Screen EIS Adjustable View Angle Web Camera 40m Waterproof Camera Remote Control Sports Camera with Helmet Accessories Kit by AKASO

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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This is one of the best helmet cameras that provides 4k/ 25 frames per second, 2.7k/ 30 frames per second, 1080p/ 60 frame per seconds videos, and 16MP images, which capture each time in crisp detail as well as unparalleled clarity.

It has an intuitive design; the ultra 2-inch IPT touchscreen shows the whole thing crystal brightly and clearly, simple to change settings, change shooting modes, as well as preview and playback footage.

The integrated EIS or electronic image stabilization provides steady as well as smooth videos. This helmet camera makes sure a superb experience in shooting fast moving objects.

This is a waterproof camera up to 13ft, making it ideal to use when raining. Armed with the upgraded waterproof case, this camera is always ready to capture details of your adventures.

If you are able to set the view angle of this camera, it all depends on your requirements between wide, super wide, narrow, and medium. It is simpler to hit with a low angle.

Drift Ghost X Action Camera | Full HD 1080P – 5 Hour Battery Life – Rotating Lens – Dashcam Mode – Video Tagging – Wi-Fi - External Microphone (Optional) by Drift Innovation Ltd

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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Never miss a very special moment with the help of this helmet camera. It offers one-touch recording with instant on-mode powers and instantly begins recording in just one press of a key. Assure that vital moment is shot with Car DVR loop recording mode and get short with signature video tagging. It has five hours of battery life, so you will never miss out on your action. The modular, sleek design enables you to swap out battery packs and lens cover to meet your needs.

This record continuously and instantly when inserted into a USB power supply if power is no longer present. Memory capacity is not a problem because this one will overwrite the oldest video if the memory is full.

Action Camera 4K 30FPS Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Sports Camera Wi-Fi Waterproof Action Camera Mini Action Camera Remote Outdoor Action Camera with Installation Accessory Kit (Orange) by Shenzhen ZhenCheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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Weighing only 42g, this is considered one of the lightest helmet cameras available, with 4K/30 frame per second video resolution, 15MP photo resolution so you can take pictures as long as you want.

The integrated gyroscope for anti-shaking as well as image stabilization makes your footage smoother, ideal for taking videos outdoor. This is a waterproof camera up to four meters and comes with a protective shell up to 30 meters, so you can shoot movies even underwater.

There are many modes of ordinary photography, constant photographer, as well as timed photography to meet your needs of diverse scenes and meet the pursuit of young ones.

Full Hd Extreme Sports Action Camera Xtreme Hd - 1080p, Waterproof, Automatic Image Orientation by Xtreme HD 

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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This helmet camera is made for hardcore bikers, skaters, and base jumpers, or those who want to shoot HD videos of the most extreme moments. This camera also comes with a Full HD, 140-degree wide angle lens and is waterproof.

This shoots stunning Full High Definition 1080p video. This helmet camera records the most exciting moments in HD video and high-resolution megapixel still images with remarkable stability and clarity.

Brinno TLC130 Time Lapse Camera, Long Battery Life, Wi-Fi/BLE Video Editing App, Step Video, Photo, HD 1080p, IPX4 Water Resistant, Versatile Accessories - iOS Easy Connect App Update by Brinno

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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This is one of the best helmet cameras available that comes with IPX4 splash proof making it ideal for shooting any scene outdoor and indoor rain or shine. It also comes with a rechargeable battery- industry leady power as well as durability. The battery lasts up to sixteen days on just one charge.

It offers multiple filming modes. You can experiment with time lapse and video filming modes to make footages that meet your desires and needs.

Buying Guide

We live in an era where the whole thing is recorded and shared, even mountain cycling. Lots of bikers own one of the best mountain bike helmet cameras, although mountain biking may serve as your getaway from a world saturated with device and stress.

However, to make the best out of your money when buying the best mountain bike helmet camera, there are things you have to consider.


What are the technicalities and features you want to ponder when buying a new helmet camera for mountain biking? Unless you decide to watch your video on a big screen, a resolution is not vital.

You’re never going to try and capture a still picture from your rolling action camera footage and try to print it to poster size. At best, you like to view it 4K; however, even that is a bit much because the video recording system leapfrogs ahead of the screen.

On the other hand, the resolution capabilities of helmet cameras for mountain bikes are getting more and more impressive. Today, a lot of helmet cameras available can record at 4K and 60 frames for every second. In fact, the best one available is able to record at 5K and 30fps.

Dynamic Range 

Dynamic is a vital thing to consider when buying a helmet camera. This is the capability for a camera sensor to capture the widest possible detail in a view, between its darkest and brightest tones.

Our human eye has better dynamic capability than any type of camera; that is why you are able to drop from an exposed path in direct sunlight to dark forest one track and not struggle to see where you are going. For action cameras for mountain bikes, dynamic range is vital, not resolution. You do not need the best pixels, but rather the most excellent ones.


Does the camera is easy to attach to your helmet? Does it have picture calming property to balance recording if you’re being ping-ponged in a rock lawn, stabilizing the field of view, and recording image, which is viewable rather than nausea-inducing? Are the functions and buttons easy to access and operate while on a trail? All these features are vital to the best helmet camera for a mountain bike.

Type of Lense 

Many helmet cameras choose a broad-angle to capture as much as scene as possible. Diverse brands provide different distortions as well as fields of view; therefore, it is worth watching some videos prior to buying to know if you like the look of the image. A broad-angle is a linear distortion, whereas fisheye has a bend barrel distortion. The best one will provide different fields of view and distortions to be selected in the camera, so you have choices to get the best one ideal for filming.

Mounting: It is vital to know if the camera you’re planning to buy can be mounted easily on your current mountain bike helmet. Some helmet cameras are available with mounting units that don’t fit all sizes of helmets and brands. To save money in the long run, you need to ensure that the helmet camera you’re purchasing can be attached to your existing helmet.

Keep this buying guide in mind when looking for a new mountain bike helmet camera. They will ensure you get the best one for your needs and which you don’t spend a lot on a unit that lets you down. Also, they will ensure that if you land the new trick or take on the latest riding adventure, you’ll have a high quality video so that you can remember it forever and share it with family and friends.

What Is a Mountain Bike Helmet Camera?

A mountain bike helmet camera or also called a micro video camera is an action camera, normally a closed-circuit television or CCTV camera mounted to a mountain bike helmet that allows the riders to make a visual record from the POV or point of view, at the same time keeping their vision and hands-free. This allows you to record your activities so you can share and watch them later on.

How Does a Mountain Bike Helmet Work?

One of the superb features of a helmet camera is the portable size that provides you the capability to attach it to diverse locations. Each location offers you another distinct view.

The best way to utilize a helmet camera is to attach it to the helmet, bike, or body; it all depends on the type of views you’re searching for. Keep in mind that you might need to acquire a different amount; it all depends on where you choose to attach it. There are videos available online that teach you how to use and attach this camera to your helmet.

What Is the Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera?

Best Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

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The best mountain bike helmet camera is the LKT Bike Motorcycle Helmet Camera. This is a compact helmet camera and comes integrated with a Sony IMX processor that allows you to get clear recordings of footage even in a low-light condition. This premium High Definition camera captures vital details like car license plays, so you do not miss any vital proof in case of mishaps.

Types of Mountain Bike Helmet Camera

There are many types of helmet cameras available on the market today, but some of the most popular are as follows:

  • Action Helmet Camera

This kind of helmet camera will give you amazing and great quality footage as they have remarkable image stabilization. It doesn’t matter if you strike bumpy roads or tight curves or get some air; this is the perfect buddy for superior sports shots.

  • Helmet Camera with Communicator

There are instances that you simply want to hit the path with your friends and loved ones. On the other hand, everyone who has ridden with friends and loved ones knows that communication is vital. A helmet camera armed with a communicator will make it simple for you to narrate the footage without the need of editing a voice-over into it if you are making online content. 

  • 360 Degree Helmet Cameras 

This kind of camera will put your mind at ease while you are recording your day out on the bike. With the landscape view, you’ll not need to worry about catching something on camera as you have a superior 360-degree field of view and coverage. 

Combined with the remarkable stabilization which comes with this camera, it also assures perfect picture quality, so you are able to look back on the video and feel as if you are there. 

  • Waterproof Helmet Camera

This camera allows you to wear or use it in strong rain without worrying about the quality of the footage recorded. This is not just ideal for mountain biking but also other outdoor activities. 

  • Bullet Type Helmet Camera

This camera is intended for intense riders who love intense adventure. It comes with amazing features that make it one of the best helmet cameras available.

Features to Look for In a Mountain Bike Helmet Camera?

Do you know what to search for in a helmet camera for a mountain bike? There’s a wide selection of mountain bike helmet cameras that have hit the market. If you’re planning to buy a helmet camera, you will have to look for many features to ensure it is the best one. If you’re involved in sports like mountain biking, a helmet camera will provide you with a great view of the action. Here are the features you need to look for to find the best mountain bike helmet camera.

Quality of Footage

Helmet cameras for mountain biking come with different image qualities; some come in High Definition, full definition, 960p, and 720p that provide clear playback. Also, there are cameras that support all at once; therefore, it is best to make your decision based on your requirements and needs.

Camera Memory

This is also one of the essential features to look for in a mountain bike helmet camera. Even if some cameras come with built-in storage for saving pictures and videos, most models support SD cards allowing you to make recording lengthier. The memory of the camera must be the main factor depending on the length of the biking you plan to record.

Battery Life

A camera that offers three or more hours of battery life is the best option. The superiority of the recording is affected by how long the battery lasts. Therefore, if you plan on recording long high definition videos, you must pick something with an increased battery capacity.


Portability is vital; therefore, it is best to look for minor units you are able to find. You must also consider the type of camera because bullet-style cameras normally function well for mountain bike rides. 


The features of the camera will impact its price; therefore, you must think of your budget prior to making a decision. Just buy that you can pay for. 


A lot of helmet cameras for mountain biking have the capability to pick up sounds. If your priority is audio, then it is advisable to look for a helmet camera that captures high quality sounds even at high speeds. Always bear in mind that all helmet cameras can obtain this as the wind is likely to drown out the audio. 

Extra Features

Think of any additional features which may be valuable to you. Some helmet cameras available provide Wi-Fi, GPD as well as Bluetooth functionality. Others come with voice commands features and even remotes for better and improved convenience.  Pick a helmet camera for mountain biking with features you will take pleasure in.

Common Questions About Mountain Bike Helmet Camera


How to Install Helmet Camera?

Setting up a camera to your helmet is fast and easy. Each product mentioned comes with a step-by-step guide on attaching the unit to your helmet. Just ensure to follow the steps very carefully.

Why do many bikers wear helmet cameras?

Video from a helmet camera can assist in emphasizing who was at fault for the mishap. A camera attached to a helmet instead of one attached to the handlebar captures more data. This also helps save important and memorable places you’ve been through.

How to take pictures with my helmet camera?

Biking is one of the many sports which shoot well with speed blur. This method of taking pictures creates a cook look. Try dialing the shutter speed down to 1/100th of a second and pan with the subject as they ride past you. 

What is the use of this camera?

This allows you to make a visual record from the POV while keeping your hands as well as vision-free. 


Two important things which make a mountain bike helmet camera a perfect choice are the features and portability. These qualities can be found in the products mentioned above. 

These cameras tick all the boxes needed to record superior videos and take amazing pictures. In spite of your experience, they are sure to meet your needs and requirements. Regardless of the product you choose, surely you are able to capture high quality videos and pictures that you will cherish for the rest of your life. 

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