best mountain bike helmet under 50

Best mountain bike helmet under 50


The best mountain bike helmet under 50 is the one that will protect your head from accidents and give you the most aerodynamic ride possible. There are many types of helmets on the market that are cheap or expensive that will keep you safe while you ride, but the right ones come with multiple features you should know. You need a helmet that will be secure to your head and keep you safe in an accident.

What is the best mountain bike helmet under 50?

Buying a helmet is a must for anyone who spends time on any kind of bike. A helmet can protect your head from concussions and brain damage in the event of an accident. Buying one that fits correctly and passes safety tests is crucial for your long-term health.


Along with how safe the helmet ratings are, your helmet must be a perfect fit. As kids, if your helmet rolled around a bit, it wasn't a big deal except for your parents. As an adult, you are not only traveling faster, but you are riskier on mountains and unfamiliar terrains, and your helmet must fit your head for you to use the built-in safety correctly.

Safety Standards

The Consumer Product Safety Commission monitors bike helmets that enter the consumer market. They have different ratings for safety, and you can find out more about the helmets you are considering purchasing by containing them for more information. They do multiple tests for impact testing, and their tests let the consumer know the likelihood of getting a head injury during an accident.

You can also review Consumer Reports to find out which helmets have passed their testing for safety and reliability. Reading reviews from people who have bought the helmet can let you know any flaws they have with the helmet, and you can compare them to the safety tests conducted by either the CPSC or CR.


Ventilation is not as important as safety, but it will be when you are in direct sunlight on the top of a mountain. Sweating and a large amount of heat can make you start to feel weak and make it more likely you will suffer from heat exhaustion or dehydration. Different styles of helmets will have any number of ports, but too many can weaken the structural integrity of the helmet.

Some types of helmets can actually have too much ventilation. Some designs with a lot of ventilation are structurally weak, so if you have an accident, it can break more easily. Make sure the design you do select has enough room between the vents to ensure the design is solid.


Weight is important for how sturdy the helmet is as well as how aerodynamic. If you are trying to fly down a hill or a trail, a heavier helmet will weigh down your head and your ride. It can also save your head depending on the type of helmet it is and the design.

You will want to find a helmet that becomes part of your head. The better fitting it is, the better it will work, and the right weight will provide the streamline experience you want and the safety you require.


How your helmet attaches to your head and how snug you can make it will determine how well it will work for you in the long run. One of the best things to ensure a tight fit for your helmet is the dial. The dial allows you to take the helmet in and out every time you put it on.

With the dial, your head has an extra strap fitting around your head to hold the helmet in place. This feature not only keeps the helmet in place as you ride, but it will help protect your head in the event of an accident.

Chin Strap

A detachable chin strap can help add to your safety and make your helmet feel better while you wear it. The chin strap helps make your helmet fit more snuggly to your head and often comes with extra padding to help make it more comfortable to wear for extended periods. You should be able to adjust the chin strap to fit tight to your head and not have it slip while you move.


A visor is not necessary for your helmet, but it can make your ride more enjoyable. The right visor will not only keep the sun and rain out of your eyes, but it can make your helmet more aerodynamic. In physics, as air moves across your helmet, every piece that sticks up is a barrier against it moving smoothly.

The right visor will let air move up and over your helmet and not be a barrier to it. It can also help direct more air into the air vents around the helmet to keep your head temperature controlled. You can also look for the feature that allows it to pop on and off as you want to clean or move it around.

Camera Mount

A camera mount is not necessary for your helmet to function, but it can help you to record your adventures. It can also help if you choose to use your helmet for road biking. A camera can save your life when it records an accident that should not have happened.


Price is the last thing you should consider when buying a helmet. Your safety is worth more than the price of a helmet. As you go through the different listings, you need to consider how much the helmet is worth and price compare to the various models.

If you are working with a budget, look for a helmet that is within your budget and has passed all safety inspections. It is better to spend a little extra money and guarantee your long-term health. Not all cheap helmets are bad, they usually pass safety inspections without a problem, but they will not come with extra padding or camera features.

What is the best mountain bike helmet under $50?

The best helmet for mountain biking is not necessarily the one your friend has. The best helmet is a perfect fit for your head and has passed the latest safety inspections. Its design ensures long-term use and durability for all kinds of unexpected situations.

Mongoose Capture Adult Bike Helmet with Go Pro Camera Mount

best mountain bike helmet under 50

The Mongoose Capture Adult Bike Helmet with Go Pro Camera Mount is a very cost-effective way to keep your head secure while capturing your experience on your GoPro. The Mongoose helmet has a place to mount GoPro editions two through six. You will keep your hands free, and your GoPro secures onto your helmet using the Mongoose Bike Helmet.

The helmet has an adjustable dial that lets you turn the fit three hundred sixty degrees for the perfect fit to your head. Constructed with a smart, breathable design, the helmet has fifteen different air vents to ensure your head stays cool even during the hottest rides.

The helmet construction includes a durable and protective shelf of ABS plastic that helps you to fly through traffic without getting in your way. The sides of the helmet have additional side straps that help to secure the helmet to your head even during the moments when you need it the most.


  • The helmet is comfortable to wear for multiple situations.  
  • It is very easy to attach your GoPro to the top of your helmet.
  • The straps come with extra rubber that ensures a tight fit.


  • The Helmet does not come with a GoPro. 
  • The mount could be tighter for higher speeds.

Lixada Mountain Bike Helmet Ultralight Adjustable MTB Cycling Bicycle Helmet

Best mountain bike helmet under 50

The Lixada">Mountain Bike Helmet Ultralight Adjustable MTB Cycling Bicycle Helmet comes in multiple colors of molded PC Shell. The shape of the helmet is like a cone that lets air flow evenly into the front of the helmet for a very cool head. The helmet has an inner lining of EPS impact foam to ensure your head stays safe.

The helmet has a one-hand fit adjustment wheel that tightens down completely on your head for a perfect fit. You can even remove some of the inner paddings for a better fit or add different types of padding. The design and wheel help the helmet fit heads twenty-two through twenty-five inches wide.

A tight and soft chin guard comes with the helmet with Y-S fixing straps that let you tighten the helmet down to fit your head. An attached visor comes with the helmet to help keep the sun and rain out of your eyes. It also protects your eyes from low hanging branches

The helmet comes with the Lixada log stenciled on the side of the helmet in a lighter color to offset the brighter primary colors. All the colors are matte or gloss to ensure the longevity of the color choice.


  •  The helmet is very lightweight. 
  • The built-in ventilation helps your head breathe.
  • The helmet fits larger heads.


  • The chin straps may be too short for some cyclists. 
  • The paint can peel off in some colors.

Lixada Bike Helmet Mountain Bicycle Helmet

Best mountain bike helmet under 50

The Lixada">Bike Helmet Mountain Bicycle Helmet is lightweight and ventilated. Coming with fourteen structurally strong air vents, the helmet uses the molded PC shell to ensure the helmet is impact resistant. The design of the vents has cool air flowing in throughout the helmet in carefully constructed air channels.

The helmet has a snap-on visor to keep the sun and rain out of your eyes and to help the air fly smoothly over the design of the helmet. Made to be a precise-fit helmet, you can adjust the fit by rotating the knob at the back of the helmet until it fits exactly. The helmet fits heads twenty-two and a half up to through twenty-five inches around.

An adjustable strap secures the helmet to your head, and it comes with a removable chin pad for extract comfort. The straps have a quick-release latch so that you can get the helmet off quickly in the event of an emergency. You also have multiple colors to choose from and can know that it has passed CPSC testing.


  • An adjustable rotation knob helps the helmet be an exact fit. 
  • The helmet passed CPSC testing.
  • The helmet has twenty-four air vents.


  •  The helmet could come with more padding.
  • The snap-on visor may not snap on.

NoxwB Men's Bike Helmet Bicycle Helmet

Best mountain bike helmet under 50

The NoxwB Specialized Bike Helmet is a high-density PCV and PC materials along with EPS foam padding. Together these materials cup your head and pass the CPSC safety standards for a decreased force of impact. The bike helmet has a molded exterior that uses the latest technology to help your head withstand a crash.

Built with ventilation as well as safety in mind, the helmet has twenty-two air vents that let airplay along with your head as you ride. They can also increase how fast you ride through their aerodynamic design. The helmet is comfortable to wear as it comes with an inner liner that is spongy; you can remove and wash.

The helmet design fits heads twelve inches up through eighteen inches around. You can adjust the dial on the back of the helmet to ensure a tight fit. You can also adjust the side a strap, so your helmet does not slide around on your head.

A built-in LED light comes embedded in the back of the helmet to help you be visible for night riding. The light has three modes to alert people of your presence, including slow, steady, and fast. You can also enjoy the detachable visor so you can keep the sun and rain out of your eyes while you ride.


  • The foam bends easily around your skull for a tight fit. 
  • The design of the plastic shell helps it fit snug to the head.
  • The LED lights help you be visible in all riding situations except full sunlight.


  • The helmet can crack with too much force.
  • If you have a larger head, the helmet won't fit correctly.

MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet

Best mountain bike helmet under 50

The MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet is an aerodynamically designed helmet that provides you with a way to protect your head from impact. The helmet has an extended rear cavity that helps protect your cranium from impacts with the ground. It includes multi-density EPS foam that helps to absorb the impact of the crash

With fifteen air vents located around the helmet, your head gets a constant flow of air as you ride. It also helps to keep you cool on those extremely hot days. The placement of the vents does not impact the safety of the helmet, and it passes the CPSC and CE Safety standards. The helmet has an updated fit system that includes a dial that tightens the helmet to your head.

A built-in attachment on the top of the helmet lets you ride with a light, so you can always be visible from any direction. The light is a USB rechargeable LED that supports three lighting modes; slow flashing, steady and fast flashing. You can also attach a mounted camera, so you can record your adventure through the shots you capture on the way.


  • The helmet enables you to mount a camera.  
  • The dial helps make the helmet a perfect fit.
  • The weight of the helmet is perfect for trail riding.


  •  The chin strap can break. 
  • The helmet is too small for larger heads.

Final Thoughts

Best mountain bike helmet under 50

When it comes to finding the best helmet for mountain biking, safety should be at the top of your list of requirements. You cannot replace your head in an accident, and the right helmet can make all the difference. The best mountain biking helmet that protects your head and gives you the tools to record your adventure is the MOKFIRE Mountain Bike Helmet.

The Mokfire Mountain Bike Helmet passes numerous safety inspections, including CPSC and CE Safety Standards. It also comes with LED safety lights and a mount for a camera. Your head will receive plenty of ventilation, and it is very adjustable for whatever kind of riding you want to do.

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