Best Mountain Bikes Under 200

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Are you an avid mountain biker looking for the best mountain bikes under 200? Don't search anymore because this guide has all the information you need. From the most stylish-looking bike to the one that offers the best features for entry-level bikers, you will know everything in just a few minutes.

1. Northwoods Aluminum Full Suspension Mountain bike

best mountain bike under 200
4.5 of 5 Stars

This mountain bike is suitable for any type of terrain. Whether it's a grassy surface or a path filled with rocks, this won't disappoint when it comes to performance. Plus, its low price makes it a favorite for many riders. This one has a youthful and rugged style giving it a sporty look. It comes with quick-shifting gears and Shimano rear derailleur. This means you don't need to worry about changing your gears even at high speed.

With a full suspension facility just below the seat, you won't feel a thing after hard landings. The shock absorbers never fail to work and take the brunt of the jerks. Moreover, the aluminum frame gives the sturdiness that mountain bikes require. You can jump off big rocks without worrying about the frame. The 50mm steel crown fork also allows you to steer your bike better, especially when you land on a rough surface.


• Smooth paddle

• 24" alloy rims

• Full-suspension aluminum frame

• 21 speed twist shifters


  • Easy to assemble
  • Best suspension
  • Value for money
  •  Great aluminum frame


  • No additional space for bucket or back seat
  • Heavier than other bikes

2. Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

best mountain bike under 200
4.5 of 5 Stars

This is another bike that you can trust with your eyes closed. If you want a mountain bike that will make the crowd hoot and whistle, go for this one. From a strong body to excellent wheels, this bike is a paradise for mountain bikers. The wheel has a balanced bounce to make your ride comfortable. With its black and blue detailing, this is definitely one of the most stylish mountain bikes under $200.

Its 26" aluminum suspension frame makes the bike suitable for most adults. Moreover, its lightweight frame makes it easier for you to land on rough surfaces. Also, you get alloy wheel rims on this one. Whether there are holes on the trail or bumps, you won't feel anything, thanks to these alloy rims. There are also 21 speed shifters, allowing you to traverse through any type of terrain.


• Strong metal wheel frame that offers a safe journey

• 65mm suspension fork for raggedy mountains

• Rear tourney derailleur

• 26-inch full-suspension frame


  • Lightweight
  • Full aluminum body
  • Durable


  • No space to keep a water bottle
  • Specifically for males

3. Mongoose Status 2.2 Men's Mountain Bike

best mountain bike under 200
4.5 of 5 Stars

Mongoose is a widely popular brand when it comes to mountain bikes. It focuses solely on the quality and comfort of the rider. You can expect to ride smoothly once you ride this bike. Its sleek and beautiful details with powerful suspension give it the right combination of style and performance. Many mountain bikers get hurt because they land poorly. But the Mongoose Status 2.2 won't let that happen. The front suspension forks absorb the bulk of the shock so that you can enjoy your ride.

Apart from suspension forks, this bike also has front and rear v-brakes. They help you stop instantly, thus reducing any risk of accidents. These brakes are essential when you come across blockages and dips on your trail. Also, the riser handlebars help you adjust the grips for a better ride.


• Durable and lightweight alloy rims

• Riser handlebars for adjustable grips

• Strong front suspension

• Dual V-brakes to avoid accidents


  • Shimano feature for easy gear shifting
  • Quick assembling system
  • Excellent suspension


  • Chains tend to slip sometimes
  • Seat is slightly stiff

4 OYMA Power 26 in 21-Speed Full Suspension MTB Bikes Folding Mountain Bike

4.5 of 5 Stars

This bike is now in the race to become the best mountain bikes under 200. It looks like a regular bike but you need to ride it on a mountain biking trail to feel why it's so widely popular. Although the price is on the lower side, it doesn't mean the brand compromised on the bike's features. With a 38.5 lbs body, this bike is foldable, allowing you to keep it anywhere you want. Its 26-inch foldable frame and lightweight body make it comfortable for any beginner to ride on a rough trail.

The black rubber grip, together with adjustable handlebars allows you to experience a balanced ride. Also, this bike comes with steel v-brakes to ensure you don't meet unforeseen accidents. The smooth paddle lets you ride this beauty without experiencing sudden jerks along the way.


• Front Derailleur is Sunrun FD-QD-35

• Right Shifter has 6-speed grip shifter and Left Shifter has 3-speed grip shifter

• It has KMC C30 chain

• Measurement of tires is Wanda 26×1.95"


  • Smooth riding
  • Reasonable price
  • Dual suspension


  • Hard to assemble
  • Slightly heavier compared to other bikes

5. Mountain Bike Haokanba 21 Speed Women's/Men's Bike Double Disc Brake Bike Carbon Steel Mountain Bike Full       Suspension Bicycle

4 of 5 Stars

This bike is a combination of comfort and good looks. It is one of the most stylish mountain bikes out there that doesn't fail to impress the crowd. In fact, you will be surprised to see the features this bike offers under $200. Available in various sizes and easy to assemble, the Haokanba 21 Speed is a must-have for any entry-level biker. The soft seat and powerful suspension help you ride through rocky surfaces without experiencing too many jerks.

Unlike most mountain bikes that don't have an additional place for your water bottle, this bike has one. This is very helpful if you are riding in the scorching heat. Plus, it has the smoothest paddles ever. You don't feel anything while paddling on this bike. Also, the v-brakes help you stop instantly whenever you see big rocks ahead.


• Front shock has an appropriate proportion of stiffness

• Strong frame and full steel body

• Suspension fork and frame helps to control the ride easily

• Lightweight and durable wheels for added stability

• Shimano twist shifters have 21-speed rear derailleur for quick gear changes


  • Awesome breaks
  • Extra space for water bottle
  • Comfortable ride
  • Stylish looks


  • Heavyweight
  • Height is not appropriate for short people

6. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

best mountain bike under 200
4 of 5 Stars

When you compare the performances of mountain bikes, there is hardly anyone that matches that of the Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike. It feels one of those bikes that cost a fortune. Honestly, it is one of the best mountain bikes under 200. A sturdy aluminum construction makes the bike lightweight, thus helping you to land on rocky surfaces without worrying about skidding. You can also adjust the speed of this bike using its in-built gear.

This mountain bike also comes equipped with dual disc brakes for smooth riding experience. A notable thing about this bike is its raised handlebars. This helps you maintain your posture throughout the time you ride. Plus, its front suspension absorbs the majority of the shock when you go downhill. This bike, for many, is an ideal mountain bike, both for beginners and experts. You should get it without any doubts in your mind.


• Easily adjustable padded seat

• Ergonomic krypton grips

• Aero-dynamically designed rims

• Extensive tires that provide better traction on any terrain


  • Durable construction
  • Smooth front suspension
  • Flexible design
  • Easy to assemble


  • May need to adjust brakes before riding

7. The Kent Mountain Bike Full Suspension 21 Speed Folding Bike

4 of 5 Stars

This is the second Kent bike on this list. It should tell you why Kent is such a popular brand for mountain bikes. The Kent Mountain Bike Full Suspension 21 Speed Folding Bike is an adult mountain bike specifically meant for men. With incredible features put together in  Mountain Bike Full Suspension 21 Speed Folding this bike surely doesn't look like it costs below 200 bucks. The massive 29-inch frame is something that makes it an adult bike. Plus, the black and white combination gives it an uber-cool look. Its aluminum body makes it lightweight so that you can jump on rough terrains without jerking too much.

It has Dual rim Linear Pull breaks that stop your bike instantly. You also get 21 speed shifters. This allows you to accelerate and leave your opponents behind in a flash. You wouldn't need to spend too much time assembling this bike as it would be 85% ready at the time of purchase. Most experts consider this bike for long-journey rides.


• Full aluminum body frame

• 170mm crankset made from steel and has 28, 38, 48 tooth rings

• Multiple gear system for quick gear changes

• Knobby tires provide excellent grip on any road


  • Lightweight
  • Has incredible acceleration
  • Soft grips
  • Adjustable seat


  • No space for water bottle
  • Screwing is hard

8  Outroad Mountain Bike 21 Speed 6 Spoke 26 in Shining SYS Double Disc Brake Bicycle Folding Bike for Adult

best mountain bike under 200
5 of 5 Stars

Everything about this bike is world-class, and it is astonishing that it still costs under $200. Not only is it stylish but also wreaks havoc on the road when you ride. You can't imagine how fast this bike can go. That doesn't mean it increases any risks of accidents. With smooth Shimano breaks, this bike will stop immediately as you clutch both breaks together. In addition to powerful breaks, it also has an aluminum frame, making the bike lightweight.

The dual suspension and nicely crafter fork also give you a smooth biking experience on mountain trails. This bike absorbs the majority of the bumps so that you can keep accelerating. Plus, the 21-speed drive-train accompanied by Shimano twist shifter ensures top-notch performance on any type of road.


• Padded with Plush MTB Gel seat

• Comes with a user manual for quick assembling

• Shimano breaks present in both front and rear wheel

• Equipped with 21-speed twist grip gear


  • Sturdy frames
  • Reliable dual brakes
  • Comfortable handling
  • Lightweight construction


  • May require further adjustment on brakes after assembling
  • Seat is slightly smaller than other bikes


Factors to consider before buying an inexpensive mountain bike

Although these are the 8 best mountain bikes under 200, you should consider a few factors before buying one of these bikes. For example, if you are an entry-level rider, you shouldn't buy a bike that's suitable for veterans. Or maybe you need to focus on better brakes than acceleration while riding for the first time. Here are some of the factors that you should remember while buying a budget mountain bike.

1. Suspension type

Suspension is one of the most crucial features you need to keep in mind before buying a mountain bike. There are three types of suspensions available: hardtail, full or dual, and rigid. Rigid bikes are usually for expert-level rides as they provide little to no suspension. Hardtail bikes, on the other hand, offer suspension only at the front of your bike. These bikes are for those who know the basics of mountain biking. But if you are new to this sport, you should go for a dual suspension or full suspension bike.

Full suspension bikes provide jerk support both on the front and at the back. Suspension purely depends on what type of road you want to travel. Most riders who travel through rough terrains choose bikes that come with dual suspension so that their bike can take the bulk of the jerk when they land or go downhill.

2. Bike type

Aside from different types of suspensions, you should also check a few types of mountain bikes before selecting one. A trail bike is the most common among mountain bikers. These bikes are easy to handle compared to the rest. You can also check cross-country bikes that are suitable for fast riders. If you want to accelerate ahead of others, you should buy a cross-country bike. 

Additionally, there are also fat bikes with over sized tires. These are best for beginners. They provide appropriate suspension so that you have full control over your bike even when you ride downhill. Experts even use fat bikes for rugged terrains. Advanced riders can also choose from downhill bikes or all-mountain bikes. It is better to avoid these if you don't know the nuances of mountain biking. They require professional skills, so it is best to leave it to the experts.

3. Materials

Like the suspension, the frame material is another factor that you should consider in your mountain bike. There are two types of frame materials available for these bikes: steel and aluminum. Most mountain bike frames are made of aluminum because of its lightweight. As a rule of thumb, you should always buy a lightweight bike so that you can ride smoothly on any surface. Steel is quite heavier than aluminum. 

Most expert riders, though, choose mountain bikes with steel frames. This helps them control their bike better as steel frames provide better stability. Plus, some bikes use both steel and aluminum so that you get the best of both materials. These bikes are usually more expensive than the ones mentioned above. Make sure you talk to your trainer before selecting a bike with a steel or aluminum frame.

4. Gear and brakes

The gear system in your bike allows you to leave your opponents behind in a race. A bike with more number of gears ensures that you reach a higher speed than others. But keep an eye on the gear shifting facility. It should allow you to flick the gear whenever you want. Many low-quality mountain bikes experience gear locks. This can be dangerous, especially if you are riding downhill. 

In addition to accelerating, you should also remember to stop to prevent major injuries and accidents. Most mountain bikes these days come equipped with Shimano shifters and v-brakes. These brakes help you stop immediately, provided to push both brakes together. This system is helpful when you are going too fast and a significantly big rock comes out of nowhere.

5. Other factors

Once you sort out the features you need in your bike, you should pay attention to a few additional factors:

• Make sure you sit on the bike before riding. It helps in choosing from large, medium, or small size because the fitting is crucial for riding in the mountains.

• Make sure the wheel size corresponds with your height and comfort level.

• Make sure you check the size of the seat, handlebars, and smoothness of the pedals.

Now that you know almost everything about mountain bikes and also the best bikes under $200, you shouldn't waste time buying one. Mountain biking is a thrilling experience. Even if you don't want to participate in competitions right away, the journey from one mountain to another through a rocky trail is something that you wouldn't want to miss. Just get one of these bikes and hit the roads right away.

The Kent Mountain Bike Full Suspension 21 Speed Folding Bike

In summary, our runner up today is The Kent Mountain Bike Full Suspension 21 Speed Folding Bike because it has a great price point and includes everything a beginner needs to get started in this exciting hobby. But the grand prize winner is no doubt


Outroad Mountain Bike 21 Speed 6 Spoke 26

because it has that great price point, but also a sturdy construction of carbon steel and is suitable for both men and women. It’s also highly rated by consumers, which is most important of all. It is easily a cheap but fun way to enjoy riding a bike again.

best mountain bike under 200

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