Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

Best Mountain Bikes Under 300


We searched and found the best mountain bikes under 300. It is a good price point because it lets just about everybody get out there and enjoy what the trails have to offer.

We wanted to find bikes that would not break the bank but still be good enough to stand up to the rigors of riding with friends.

A mountain bike has knobby tires and flat handlebars. The idea is to handle the trails with ease. There are four styles of riding mountain bikes: Trail, enduro, downhill, and XC. Whatever your trail of choice is, you want to choose a bike that handles the terrain well.

Now, let’s take a look at our picks for the best mountain bikes under 300.


7 Of the Best Mountain Bikes Under $300

  1. Best Overall   Novokart-Foldable MountainBike 26 Inches, MTB Bicycle with 3 Cutter Wheel, White

best mountain bikes under 300
  • Great for beginner riders, it includes a full suspension frame that handles bumps in the road like a pro.
  • Beautiful paint finish in black and purple.
  • There is a 21-speed derailleur and Shimano grip shifters, which makes climbing hills easier. Front and rear V brakes help you descend easier and make safe stops.
  • The saddle is padded and makes for a comfortable ride.
  • Kickstand is made of solid steel, so your bike will always rest easily.
  • The bike will require some assembly once you receive it. However, you only need some basic tools to fit it all together. It might take some time to assemble but the procedure is not so complicated.
  • This particular bike is Amazon's Choice for bikes of its size.

Tech Specs, Direct from Amazon:

Frame/Fork: N/A

Product folding size: N/A

Chain: N/A

Product packaging size: N/A, 51 lbs. shipping weight

Tire size: 26 inches

R/Derailleur: 21 Speed

Flywheel: Information not listed

F/Derailleur: 21 Speed

Frame: Steel

Tire: N/A

Sprocket: N/A

Brakes: Front and rear V brakes

Handlebars/handlebars: Flat with grip

Gross weight: 38.28 lb.

Gearshift: Shimano Grip Shift

Product size: 68.5 x 23.6 x 41.3 inches; 38.3 pounds

  1. Best Folding Novokart-Foldable MountainBike 26 Inches, MTB Bicycle with Spoke Wheel, Black&Red

best mountain bikes under 300
  • This bike is perfect for everyday rides to school, the train station, or even to your work. You can then use it on the weekend for fun trail rides with friends.
  • Brakes are double disc brakes and give the rider a strong and safe braking force. The Shimano gearbox ensures you will have control of your bike no matter the situation.
  • There are rear and front disc brakes, and they offer quick release.
  • pedals are included in the package, and the bike can support a max weight of 90kg or 200 lbs.
  • Two-color choices are available for this one. You can choose black or red.
  • Features a Shimano EF500 3 * 7 Shifter, an advanced suspension, and a fashionable design complete with cool wheels that have a three-pointed design on the wheels.

Tech Specs, Direct from Amazon:

Gross weight: 20kg

Frame/Fork: 31.8 bold front fork

Brakes: Tolan disc brakes / MTB brake levers

Chain: 108 chain

F/Derailleur: Shimanos TZ-30

Sprocket: 170 three small sprockets

Handlebars/handlebars: black shark 31.8 black four nail combination

Tire size: 26 inches

Flywheel: 7 tower wheels

Tire: Three-cutter wheel

R/Derailleur: Shimanos TZ-50

Product packaging size: 134x72x19cm / 52x28x7.5in

Frame: High carbon steel

Gearshift: Shimanos 51-7

Product size: 150x25x (59-70) cm / 59x9.8x (23-27.5) inch

Product folding size: 94x88x38cm / 37x34x15in 

Best Budget Bike   Novokart-Foldable MountainBike 26 Inches, MTB Bicycle with Spoke Wheel, Yellow

best mountain bikes under 300
  • Great for cruising around on the road or handling an unpaved trail, this bike features a front suspension fork and tough steel frame.
  • Knobby tires included ensure that both smooth pavement AND dirt roads will be handled like a pro. Meanwhile, additional stability and strength is added thanks to the alloy rims.
  • The bike comes with 18-speed twist shifters plus a rear Shimano derailleur, which offers you top trail performance. Gears are easy to shift while riding.
  • Great for riders measuring 5'4" to 6'2" in height.
  • Bike comes half-assembled: Rider will need to add tires, seat handlebars, pedals, and reflectors. Brakes and gears are already put together.

Tech Specs, Direct from Amazon:

Brakes: Disc Brakes

Handlebars/handlebars: Information is not listed

Tire: Alloy Wheels

Frame: High carbon steel

Chain: n/a

Gearshift: Hand shifters located on bike handles

Product size: 150x25x (59-70) cm / 59x9.8x (23-27.5) inch

Product packaging size: 134x72x19cm / 52x28x7.5in

F/Derailleur: Shimano

Gross weight: 38 lbs. or 17kg

R/Derailleur: Shimano

Frame/Fork: Information is not listed

Product folding size: N/A

Tire size: 26 inches

Sprocket: Information is not listed

Flywheel: N/A

  1. Best For Boys  20” Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys Mountain Bike

best mountain bikes under 300
  • If your little guy asks to come biking with you, make sure he is ready to handle the trails. This bike features an aluminum suspension frame that is lightweight but able to take on the rigors of the courses ahead, or the concrete road, too.
  • Handlebars are made of tough steel. The seat is really comfortable and padded.
  • The bike includes a Shimano derailleur, so shifting is always spot on. The bike has twist shifters for a quick and easy gear change.
  • Brakes are linear-pull brakes that give the rider incredible braking power.

Tech Specs, Direct from Amazon:

Handlebars/handlebars: Flat handlebars with grips

F/Derailleur: N/A

Product size:51 x 16.5 x 35 inches

Frame: Aluminum

Flywheel: Information not listed

Tire size: 20" X 1. 95" tires

Sprocket: Information is not listed

Brakes: Rear linear-pull and alloy front

R/Derailleur: SHIMANO

Gross weight: 30 pounds

Gearshift: Handgrip shifting

Chain: n/a

Product folding size: n/a -This bike does not fold

Frame/Fork: N/A

Product packaging size: N/A

Tire: Alloy Wheels with High Grade 20" x 1.75 Road Tires

  1. Best For Girls  Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

best mountain bikes under 300
  • Girls will love this bike, whether they are dominating the trails or simply zipping around with neighborhood friends. It only comes in bright pink, but most girls are sure to love the color.

  • The Exlipse comes with rear and front linear-pull brakes, ensuring the rider can stop quickly and easily. This bike also features Shimano gears and a derailleur. So, hill won't be an issue.

  • The shifter is a twist style one, and your child will not have any trouble learning it at all.

  • Lastly, the frame is sturdy. So, this bike can withstand lots of wear and tear. If you are after a mountain bike that will last for a long time, this must be the one.

Tech Specs, Direct from Amazon:

Gearshift: Twist shifters on handlebar

Frame/Fork: 15-inch steel frame

Product folding size: n/a -This bike does not fold

Product packaging size: N/A

Chain: n/a

Product size: N/a

Sprocket: Information is not listed

Gross weight: 38 lbs.

Frame: Lightweight but strong steel frame

Tire size: 24 inches

R/Derailleur: 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur

Handlebars/handlebars: Flat with Grip

Brakes: Linear pull brakes in front and back

Tire: Alloy Wheels

F/Derailleur: N/A

Flywheel: Information not listed

  1. Best Quality: Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike

best mountain bikes under 300
  • With a wide range of color choices, and users ranging in age from kid to adult, this is the bike that the whole family can enjoy. Schwinn has been making bicycles for years, and they are good at what they do for a good reason.

  • This bike features Schwinn’s own suspension fork and steel mountain frame, so it handles terrain from flat roads to bumpy trails with no problem.

  • Rear and front alloy linear brakes offer excellent stopping power.

  • Alloy crank made by Schwinn gives riders steady gearing and low maintenance enjoyment.

  • Twist shifters offer 7 speeds, and Shimano derailleur gives the rider smooth gear changes no matter where they are riding.

Tech Specs, Direct from Amazon:

Flywheel: Information not listed

Tire: Three-knife wheel

Brakes: Rear and front alloy linear brakes

R/Derailleur: Shimano

Frame/Fork: 24-inch suspension frame

Handlebars/handlebars: Mountain Bar

Sprocket: Information is not listed

Tire size: 26 in

Product packaging size: Not listed

F/Derailleur: n/a

Gross weight: 44 lb.

Chain: Not listed

Gearshift: Shimano Twist Shifters

Product size: 72"x 26.5"x 42.75"

Frame: Aluminum Frame

Product folding size: Bike does not fold

  1. Coolest Looking: 24" Royce Union RTT Men's 21-Speed Mountain Bike

best mountain bikes under 300
  • This bike has an aluminum, lightweight frame that will be easy to handle, whether riding on trails or just going around town.

  • This bike comes in one color, which is a beautiful orange. If you like fun color, this mountain bike would be the perfect choice.

  • The bike comes with all the tools needed to assemble and enjoy it. The wheels are 24 inches and ideal for an inseam of at least 29 inches.

  • Shimano EZ Fire Plus Trigger and the rear indexed derailleur offer the rider 21 smooth-shifting speeds, all you need is your finger to shift! Meanwhile, the Shimano drivetrain is top-notch and offers the rider unprecedented performance.

Tech Specs, Direct from Amazon:

Chain: Information not listed

Gross weight: 38 lb.

R/Derailleur: Rear indexed derailleur

F/Derailleur: N/A

Tire: Knobby trail tire

Handlebars/handlebars: Flat with grips

Product packaging size: 7.8 x 26.7 x 52 inches

Product folding size: Bike does not fold

Tire size: 24 in

Brakes: Linear alloy pull brakes

Flywheel: N/a

Sprocket: Information is not listed

Gearshift: SHIMANO EZ Fire Plus Trigger

Frame: Lightweight aluminum

Frame/Fork: 24-inch suspension frame

Product size: 51.97 x 9.06 x 25.2 inches

Buying Guide: Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bike Varieties


If you encounter a bike that has no suspension, we call this a rigid bike. It means the bike can only be driven on beginner courses as the tires are the only source of comfort. The bikes are much lighter than other counterparts because there is no suspension.

You will also notice these bikes cost less than hardtail or dual-suspension mountain bikes. The amount of maintenance you need for these bikes is quite minimal, which is good for riders who don't know how to maintain their bike, or don't have the time to do so.


This mountain bike's suspension is in front, but you will not find anything in the rear of the cycle. As a result, you end up with the "hardtail." These cycles have fewer moving parts and are lightweight. They are low maintenance bikes.

They can be made rigid if you lock up the front suspension parts. These bikes are good for intermediate trails and great for cross-country cyclists that desire speed over everything else.

    Dual Suspension

These bikes feature suspension in the front and back of the cycle. They absorb the shock when you ride on the trails, which is good for the rider's comfort. Wheels stay on the ground, so the rougher the trail, the easier time this bike (and rider) will have.

Using Your Mountain Bike: Ways to Ride

Depending on the bike you get, it will depend on the type of riding you perform.


This style of biking is exciting and is good for adrenaline junkies. It requires a bike that can deal with descents and the bumps or humps that you encounter as you fly down the mountain. Suspension travel needs to be in the range of 170-210 mm.

You are going to need a lot of stability as you travel at these high speeds, so make sure your wheelbase is long. Tires with a width of 2.5 inches are ideal. Aim for 27.5-inch tires.

    Cross Country

Sometimes called XC, this is the original form of mountain biking. Riders take their bikes to the trails which occur naturally or are built for the sport of riding.

You can ride on muddy trails, across shallow streams or on forest floors rife with rocks, roots, and who knows what else. Some courses even feature obstacles to overcome. Bikes require 90 to 120 mm of travel, and you should aim for tires measuring 26-29 inches.

    Trail Riding

Not to be confused with cross country, this style of biking is where riders take to trails even tougher than XC. Trail bikes combine the best of XC cycles and enduro bikes, and they can descend or climb with ease.

Thee bikes are the well-rounded ones of the cycling world, and those interested should shop for 120-140 mm of suspension travel. It will perform well on nearly any trail you take on, provided you have the right wheels: 24-29 inches.


For this style of riding, downhill sections of the track are timed. Going uphill is not. The rider who ends with the lowest time for a set amount of runs downhill is deemed the winner.

Enduro bikes are made so that riders can go uphill easily and go downhill even easier. Shop for bikes with 140-170 mm of suspension travel and look for a seat post that is adjustable in height.

Frames You Can Choose

Carbon Fiber

At one time, this was the most sought-after frame material for mountain bikes. Now the price is down, and the metal is easy to mold, and you can shape it into pretty much anything you like. It makes it a winner when it comes to making bikes. It makes it easy for cycle manufacturers to try out different frame shapes and tube profiles.


This is a quality metal, but somewhat hard to find because of the high cost that is associated with its production. The material is durable, does not rust, and is very lightweight.

Subsequently, you will pay a lot for bikes made of this material. However, the quality is unsurpassed, and the bike will last a lifetime.


This is the most common frame type you will encounter. It is a lightweight and easy to mold metal. It is cheap, but the quality is high. Aluminum bikes are thick, stiff, and feature great power transfer. Be wary, though: Having zero suspension on your aluminum bike can make the ride rough. So, you might want to consider this before the purchase.


This material is quite strong, but you mostly find it in novice bikes. This material is decently priced, and at one time, you found it everywhere in the making of bicycles. But most manufacturers now use lightweight materials to create their bikes, so the bike is not so heavy and easy to ride. If you come upon a bike made of steel, it is pretty rare, but not a bad choice in terms of durability.


Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike

To wrap it up, our runner up today is going to be the Schwinn High Timber Youth and Adult Mountain Bike.we found it to be an excellent choice for men, women, and kids alike. You can choose the frame you want, and you can also pick your favorite color. It makes it fun for anyone regardless of gender or size to get into this sport.

best mountain bikes under 300

Novokart-Foldable MountainBike 26 Inches, MTB Bicycle

Meanwhile, our grand prize winner is no doubt the Novokart-Foldable MountainBike 26 Inches, MTB Bicycle with Spoke Wheel, Yellow . With plenty of positive reviews from other riders, a great price point, and a sturdy but comfortable bike construction, this particular product is a real winner that will have you enjoying the great outdoors but still have some money in your pocket. Wear a helmet and enjoy your ride!

best mountain bikes under 300

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