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Tips For Buying A Mountain Bike

Buying a Mountain Bike

Buying a mountain bike can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. There are a number of things you need to consider in order to buy the right mountain bike. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right one.

Buying A Mountain Bike

Fix the budget

Even if you can afford to spend thousands of dollars on a mountain bike, you should never start looking at options before fixing a budget. It will help in keeping your spending under control.

You need to work out a comfortable budget when it comes to spending money on a mountain bike. When you're ready to buy, don't go to a mass market store such as Walmart. Instead, go to the local bike shop and support them, and you will be delighted by much better service and a better bike.

Choose a Style

All the mountain bikes available for sale are designed for different kinds of riding styles as well as terrains. Therefore, you need to choose a style based on the type of your riding style.

Some of the common options include smooth riding, mountain cruising, cross-country racing, or lift accessed downhill, among others. Do not let the sales staff influence your choice. You need to make sure that your mountain bike is right for your personal style.

Hard Tail or Full Suspension

It is recommended to go for a full suspension mountain bike if it fits within your budget. On the other hand, a hard tail bike which comes without rear suspension is lighter in weight and is more efficient at pedaling though you get better control and more comfort with full suspension bikes.

Buying A Mountain Bike

You need to make a choice based on your riding style, price range as well as the type of terrain where you will take your bike.

Getting Started with Favorites

There are too many options available in the market which makes comparing mountain bikes almost impossible. Therefore, the right thing to do is to find the components that are most important to you and choose a bike with those components.

Buying A Mountain Bike


For the rest, you should make sure that they are the minimal acceptable quality and within your budget. For instance, you can begin with a fork followed by wheels and rear derailleur.


Mountain bike prices can fluctuate throughout the year. The main season lasts from spring through summer. If you want to save a few hundred dollars, you might need to wait for some time.

Usually, you'll find some discounts in the fall and winter. You will also get significant discounts for bikes as well as other accessories from bike shops when you buy from them.

The Right Dealer

It is much more important to buy the bike from the right dealer instead of searching for the best price. Try to find a dealer who is focused on selling a great bike instead of selling the highest priced one. The dealers typically have a clean repair shop, and they are trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Take the Test Ride

Try to take as many bikes as possible on a test ride that fit your riding style and budget. Test rides will tell you which bikes are right for you. Test riding a lot of bikes will help you better understand things that work for you and things that don't.

Performing Research

If you want to know more about the reliability and overall performance of a particular bike, check out its reviews. It is recommended to always check what other buyers have to say about a bike before clicking the buy button.

Mountain Biking – Types

When it comes to styles, you can group mountain biking into 9 different categories as a sport or hobby. These categories are extremely diverse. Here is a quick guide:

Buying A Mountain Bike

#1 BMX

It's a style with 20 inch wheels bikes and you'll only find these bikes at skate parks or dirt jumps. These bikes have smaller wheels and shorter wheel bases which means it is easier to perform tricks and stunts with BMX bikes.  

#2 Cyclo Cross

It brings together mountain biking and road biking. The riders cross through rivers, go over obstacles, and also, race on and off the course.

Buying A Mountain Bike

#3 Cross-Country

This is the style where you will be riding your bike up and down the hills. Even though it is not the most extreme type of mountain biking but cross-country riders tend to be fit and like to go on long rides.

Buying A Mountain Bike

#4 Downhill

This is the type of biking where riders race downhill and try to reach the bottom as quickly as possible. As you can imagine, it's an extremely intense style of riding and there are a lot of thrills and excitement for the riders.

Buying A Mountain Bike

#5 Dirt Jumping

As the name suggests, this is a style where riders jump over huge man-made obstacles and they perform stunts and tricks in the air. These jumps are spaced close together which allows riders to go over more than half a dozen jumps in one single run, and it also gives them enough momentum to make bigger jumps.

Buying A Mountain Bike

#6 Single Speed

Don't confuse it with fixed gears. It's a type of cross-country biking where riders use a bike that has only one gear and even fewer components. The basic idea behind the style is simplicity. The bike has a straight chain line that ensures efficient pedaling. Fewer components translate into fewer mechanical problems and a much lighter bike.

Buying A Mountain Bike

#7 Free Ride

In this riding style, riders have to find the perfect line to go down the mountain and they have all the terrain to use. Free ride is extremely popular among riders as riders have the whole terrain to explore and express themselves.

Buying A Mountain Bike

#8 Trails

The bikes used in this riding style don't look like mountain bikes but it is still considered a style of mountain biking. In this type of biking, 20 or 26 inch wheels are used combined with small, low frames. The riders hop and jump over obstacles and need to have excellent concentration and balance.

Buying A Mountain Bike

#9 Urban and Street

As the name suggests, this style involves riding the bike in ledges, urban areas and various other man-made obstacles. These riders perform a variety of tricks such as grinds and stalls.

Buying A Mountain Bike

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