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The Importance Of Suspension In A Mountain Bike

Not many people are aware of the importance of good suspension in mountain bicycling. It plays a huge role when it comes to comfortable mountain bicycling. There is a huge range of bikes and different types of suspensions available in the market which means choosing the right one shouldn't be that difficult.

Mountain Bike Suspension – Things You Need to Know

You need to know what is suspension and the role it plays in making the ride comfortable in order to choose the best mountain bike. It will help you in ensuring that you are able to choose the right bike that works for your unique needs as there are a number of options available today.

mountain bike suspension

Mountain Bike Suspension

These days, you can buy mountain bikes that come equipped with front as well as rear suspension. The suspension which is also known as a shock absorber combines a damper and a spring.

The main role of suspension is to absorb the shocks when you go over bumps while riding a bike, and to ensure contact between the bike tires and the ground. Without these shock absorbers or suspension, you will have a rough riding experience.

Various Types of Suspensions

The mountain bikes available in the market today can be broadly divided into 4 categories depending on the type of suspension. These include:

1. Cross-country bikes – These typically have around 4.5 inches long suspension
2. Trail bikes – These typically have 4 to 6 inches long suspension and these are also a bit heavier as compared to other options.
3. Free Ride bikes – These typically carry 6 to 8 inches long suspension.
4. Downhill bikes – These bikes typically have 8 to 10 inches long suspension.

Hard Tail or Full Suspension

Another important choice you need to make when buying a mountain bike is between a hard tail bike and a full suspension bike. The advantages of a full suspension bike include a more enjoyable and comfortable ride as the bike is much sturdier and offers better control when compared to hard tail bikes.

mountain bike suspension

A full suspension bike has reliable components and this is the main reason for its preference among bikers. However, the full suspension bikes tend to be expensive which means not everybody can afford these, and this is why, many bikers opt for hard tail suspension bikes.

The above discussed tips should help you understand the importance of bike suspension and allow you to choose the right mountain bike for your unique needs.

You will have to spend some time and effort in doing the research but it will help you find the ultimate mountain bike that is just perfect for your needs.

Dual Suspension Mountain Bike – Advantages

It's not easy to ride the rugged terrain outdoors on a bike. Riding those rugged terrains puts a lot of stress on the bike and the rider and this is why, a good suspension system is extremely important for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

mountain bike suspension

 kids Suspension Bike

It used to be a common misconception among people that bicycles were meant only for kids or for covering short distances. However, the availability of modern bicycles that come equipped with excellent features have changed this view forever.

In the earlier days, bicycles used to be extremely simple and consisted only of two wheels, a handlebar, one seat, pedals and gears connected through a chain, among other things.

However, there have been a lot of innovations in this space and modern bicycles tend to be extremely high-tech and come equipped with a variety of accessories as per the needs of the rider.

Mountain bicycling is the latest adventure sport that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. A mountain bike is completely different from other bikes.

It is made of a sturdy metal frame and is equipped with special brakes, high-tech multiple gears and broader wheels.

Another thing that makes mountain bikes unique is the suspension system. Mountain bikes are available with a single suspension and dual suspension, and bikers need to understand the advantages of both these types in order to make the right choice.

Built in Suspension Bikes – Advantages

You can buy mountain bikes equipped with either a single suspension or a dual suspension. In order to make the right choice, you need to know the advantages of both these suspension equipment types.

As explained in the above paragraphs, the main role of suspension is to ensure a comfortable and safe ride and to maintain contact between the bike wheels and the ground.

The suspension has a spring mechanism which keeps moving up and down to absorb the shocks and to increase traction. It allows riders to have good control over their bike even when they are riding at high speed. 

mountain bike suspension

The main role of a suspension system is to act as a shock absorber. When you are riding your bike on a rugged terrain, you will experience a lot of shocks due to the bumps and the suspension system ensures that all these shocks are properly absorbed thereby reducing the impact on the rider and on the bike.

Single Suspension

One of the most important decisions a buyer has to make when choosing a mountain bike is whether to go for a single suspension or a dual suspension one. The only difference between these two types is the number of suspensions on the bike.

In case of a single suspension bike, you'll find suspension on the front wheel. Since it has only one suspension, this bike tends to be lighter as compared to a dual suspension bike.

Lesser weight makes it more effective and easier to maintain. On the other hand, you won’t get as much shock absorbing capability with a single suspension bike as you will get with a dual suspension one.

Dual Suspension

The dual suspension bike consists of two suspensions which makes better than a single suspension model.

However, this also adds to the weight but it also increases the traction which means bikers get to maintain control of their bike even when they are riding too fast. It's an important aspect of competitive mountain biking.

Dual suspensions are great at absorbing shock which helps in reducing the direct impact of the rugged terrain on the bike and on the biker which leads to better performance for both.

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