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Mountain Bike Tires - How Important Are They

How Important Are Mountain Bike Tires

It is necessary to check the pressure of bike tires daily because they are not like car tires, so they lose their pressure daily. If necessary, reinflate them.

I was driving home from a bookstore a few days ago. I got honked at by a passing motorist as I was driving along the highway. They pointed toward my vehicle as if there was something wrong with my vehicle.

They passed me after I nodded, waved, and slowed down. However, there was nothing, like rough riding or “pull”, indicating that I had a flat tire because my vehicle was behaving as it always behaves. I continued driving slowly since I was just around ten minutes from my home.

mountain bike tyres

I completely forgot why I was driving slowly for the last ten minutes once I pulled into the driveway, so I just walked into the house.

I got into my vehicle the next day, and I remembered that there might be something wrong with one of my tires after driving out of the apartment parking lot toward the access road for the main drag. Once I returned to my apartment parking lot, I got out and checked my tires. I found out my rear left tire was flat.

The tire would have affected the handling of the vehicle if I had driven home with my tire like that. Therefore, the tire might have gone flat overnight, meaning it might have been just low yesterday.

My dad saw me returning, so he asked me if I do not check the tires before getting behind the wheel every single time. I told him I did not. I had never had a flat tire before and I have been driving for several years, so I did not bother to check.

mountain bike tyres

But that little incident taught me a lesson. That is why I always take a few seconds to check my tires before getting behind the wheel.

This short story brings me to the point of this article. To ensure you have a safe ride, there are several things you should check before getting on your bike.

I always check the tire pressure of my bike tires before I set off on a ride, despite my carelessness of the tires of my car. I have owned my bike for over five years, and I have had several flat tires during this time. That is why I check the tires.


mountain bike tyres

A vehicle is a heavy piece of machinery, so it will go out of control if a tire blows while you are driving the vehicle at high speed. That is why tire pressure is important for vehicles.

However, it is also important for bicyclists because you will muscle along your bike using your own power. Therefore, a flat tire will affect your ride from the beginning. If your bike tires blow and you are far from your home, you may be forced to walk to your home.

It is easy to know the pounds of pressure you should put into the tires of your bike. You will find the pounds of pressure needed on the specifications on the side of the tires.

Manufacturers put these specifications there. Always use tire gauge when inflating your tires. Even though you do not want to exceed the recommended pounds per square inch, there are several reasons why you can sometimes use less tire pressure.

You will have a smooth ride once you inflate your tires to the correct pressure because the quality of the frame allows it. It is easy to get a flat tire if you do not inflate your tires to the correct pressure, making it harder to pedal.

mountain bike tyres

However, too high of pressure makes the ride uncomfortable because it makes the ride too bumpy and it strains the tire itself.

To ensure your bike tires are hard before you start on your ride, squeeze both the front and back tires of your bike. This is because the tires of bikes lose their pressure regularly.

Unlike other bikers, mountain bikers love their bike tires “mushier.” You should know the appropriate pressure for you and how it feels like, especially if this applies to you.

The Benefits Of Tire Pressure In Mountain Bikes

The most important facet of riding any type of bike, like mountain bikes, is tire pressure. You can make your ride down the mountain smoother and give yourself more control if you learn how to set the tire pressure.

You will find that it is very hard to cycle if the tire pressure is too low. This also increases the chance of a flat tire. However, your ride becomes very bumpy and it can get out of control if the tire pressure is too high.

mountain bike tyres

Tire pressure varies from one individual to another because it depends on the terrain that person will ride on, the condition of the tire, and the personal preference of the bicycler. It is easy to use a high quality pump on your tires to modify the tire pressure. Also, a tire pressure gauge is important since it keeps the bike tires at the optimum pressure.

The manufacturer of the tire recommends tire pressure for their particular tires, so you can start with their recommendations. It is easy to adjust the tire pressure as needed.

mountain bike tyres

When checking your tires, it is highly recommended you use the same tire pressure gauge and pump. This is because you can get different readings depending on the tire pressure gauge that you are using.

Start with a higher tire pressure for the bike, meaning it should be around 40-50 psi (3-3.5 bar). This a good rule of thumb. And to find the tire pressure that is best for you, the terrain, and your particular bike, lower the tire pressure a little at a time. You will definitely have to use a higher tire pressure if you are a little heavier.

The best way for checking the tire pressure is to take a test bike ride. You should notice how your tire hooks in the corners, how it slides down the mountain, how it rides on the terrain, and how it behaves. Drop the tire pressure in increments of 5 psi in both of your bike tires if you have too much tire pressure.

mountain bike tyres

You should keep your bike at the standard pressure if it is more stable and gains grips at that tire pressure. Drop the tire pressure in small increments if your bike does not gain grips or is not stable, so do not stop dropping the tire pressure. Redo the test until the bike rides the way you need it to or the way you want.

Decreasing the tire pressure until you notice how the bike feels when you are riding on almost flat tires will help you determine the lowest possible tire pressure. This will help you keep the tubes from getting damaged since you know how it feels.

You should stay with a lower tire pressure if you have mountain bike tires that are tubeless. Tire pressure between 30 and 40 psi is the recommended tire pressure for tubeless tires.

mountain bike tyres

Why? Tubeless tires rarely experience pinch flats and occasional rim contact is okay. That is why it is possible to ride on tubeless tires with very low tire pressure than the normal tire pressure. You will notice that your tire rolling under the rim when you are cornering hard, especially if the tire pressure is too low.

Rolling resistance is something you should look out for. It takes more effort if there is increased rolling resistance. However, it makes it easy to climb since it offers you better traction and greater control.

A more efficient bike is ideal for racers who are racing cross-country. Therefore, the type of biking you will do is something you should consider.

To avoid relying so much on the tire pressure gauge, use your hand to squeeze the tire as this helps you know how the right tire pressure feels like.

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