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Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are probably the most popular among our customers, not just for trails and rough terrain but for general cycling as well. Not only do we stock both hardtail and full suspension bikes but these are also available in junior and female models.

Hardtail have front suspension forks for control but a fixed tail frame to save on weight, cost and maintenance.

Mountain bikes

Bikes on a Train

If you are a keen cyclist and like to travel about and enjoy different locations you will realise that more often than not you will have to travel by car, bus or train to your destination.

This can be difficult on occasion, especially with public transport depending on how busy it is, but this issue can be avoided by good forward planning.


If you want to ride on ramps and half-pipes, grind rails and perform back flips in midair then a BMX is the bike for you. They’re not just for children either; we stock a massive range of BMXs suitable for children of all ages and adults.


These small wheeled, small framed bikes are designed to be light and easily maneuverable over obstacles and in the air.

They’re great fun and a great way to get the kids outdoors. We stock a wide range of big name brands including Mongoose, Diamond Black and Barracuda.

Road Bikes

Road bikes may be less comfortable in the saddle than Mountain bikes but that’s because they’re built for an entirely different purpose; to cruise across the black hard-top at as fast as possible.

We stock beginner-friendly aluminum framed supportive bikes to stiff, super-lightweight carbon framed racers.

The slender profile of these bikes with their dropped handle bars, skinny tires and slender frames make them ideal for long rides, fast commuting and physical training.

However this speed often comes at a price; prices beginner’s bikes often start at around £300.00 and professional carbon racers are even more expensive.

It is therefore important that you have the model that is suited to your needs, an issue that our expert staff will be only too happy to help you with.

Cycling Holidays on the Spanish Coast

If there’s one thing that the Southern coast of Spain is known for it’s the year-round sunshine. Even throughout the winter months you’re pretty much guaranteed a dry day the majority of the time, which makes it the perfect place for outdoor pursuits (alongside the traditional beach break!).

While it has become a haven for golfers in the last few decades, other sports are starting to make their way to the Costa del Sol and are offering packages for tourists to go and experience everything the area has to offer.

Cycling is no different, and increasingly companies are offering cycling breaks to the Andalusian coast.

The abundance of affordable flights to the area has made this much simpler, with the recent expansion of Malaga airport massively increasing the amount of passengers they handle over the last couple of years.

The varied landscapes in the area make it perfect for all sorts of cyclists. The mountains in the area are perfect for those that enjoy the challenge of cycling at altitude, while there’s various challenging downhill paths for those who prefer the mountain bike to the road bike.

There’s also the more serene coastal paths, which offer some stunning scenery at a more relaxed pace.

Several companies offer guided cycling tours in the area, so if you’re from the UK and are used to driving on the opposite side of the road you can rest assured there’s someone to keep you right!

There are several excellent places to base yourself for your cycling trip in Spain. Malaga itself may be a little busy for those not used to city biking, so look at places like Benalmadena, Nerja and Marbella for quieter roads.

There’s plenty to do in these coastal towns too, as they’ve all proven popular as tourist hotspots over the years.

We’re big fans of Nerja – it’s right next to the incredible Sierra de Almijara mountains, the surrounding scenery is incredible and it’s the perfect place to base yourself for a cycling break.

It’s a little further from the airport than the other tourist hotspots, but it’s only about 40 minutes by rental car from the airport so it’s not too remote.

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